Tips For The Care Of Your Hands And Feet During The Summer

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Tips For The Care Of Your Hands And Feet During The Summer
Tips For The Care Of Your Hands And Feet During The Summer

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We know that when summer arrives, our feet and hands gain a special role, so it is important that we do not wait for this season to arrive to have them ready to exhibit

"Every season of the year means special care for our hands and feet," says Joaquín Manuel Vega, expert manicurist and pedicurist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami. “In summer, they need special care so that the sun and dryness do not affect them and they always look healthy and beautiful. Changes in temperature and exposure to water in summer dehydrate them and can give them a dry, wrinkled and dull appearance, "he added.

Identify which are the enemies of the skin

Did you know that the skin of the hands is thin and fragile and also, in general, we have them subjected to multiple assaults daily ?:

The sun, the wind, temperature contrasts, chemicals or detergents, the practice of activities that promote friction with the skin are enemies that end up deteriorating the hands.

Wear protection for your hands

Protect them when doing housework, using latex or rubber gloves to prevent your hands from being in direct contact with detergents or aggressive chemicals.

Keep them hydrated

Apply hand creams preferably containing urea or lanolin to protect the skin's natural defenses.

  • When applying the cream, take the opportunity to massage from the fingertips to the wrist. In this way, you will activate the circulation, you will relax and the cream will penetrate better.
  • You can get a weekly peel

    In our hands and skin, exfoliation is also recommended to eliminate dead cells. If you don't have a specific product, you can apply one of the ones you use for the face.

    After exfoliation, try to apply a hydrating mask, preferably a specific mask for hands and feet.

    Protect them from the sun

    In summer, your hands can get a tan that makes them look more attractive, but you should not trust yourself as, as in other parts of the body, sun rays can cause spots. Therefore, it is very important to apply sun protection regularly like to the rest of our body.

    Let's talk about nail care

    When we talk about having well-groomed hands and feet, we cannot forget nails. Here are the recommendations Joaquín Manuel gave us about nail care:

    Apply creams or oils to your nails and cuticles daily, as they provide nutrients and hydration.

    • If you are going to cut your nails, try to do it after the bath or the shower, since at that moment they are softened. However, to file them it is preferable to do it dry.
    • Avoid hot water; it is better to use warm water and neutral soaps.
    • It uses good quality enamels and good protective bases.
    • Use nail polish remover without acetone, since it is an acid that ends up damaging the nails.

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    Prepare your skin to travel by plane

    Keep your feet in shape

    Here are some tips to keep your feet in shape so you can wear them with your best sandals:

    During the shower, use a pumice stone to lower the hardness, especially on the heels.

    • Apply a moisturizer daily, massaging it to absorb it more and better, especially in the area of ​​the sole of the foot, toes and instep.
    • If you have calluses, go see the podiatrist to take care of removing them.
    • To avoid injuries, it is recommended to cut the nails with ergonomically designed scissors and then use a soft file when the nails are dry.
    • It is also recommended for your feet to have a weekly peel and walk barefoot on the sand, this translates into a natural peel.

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