How To Take Care Of Your Highlights During And After The Summer

How To Take Care Of Your Highlights During And After The Summer
How To Take Care Of Your Highlights During And After The Summer
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I personally think that highlights or highlights are like an accessory that we can put on our hair. These look good in most shades of hair, especially in the range of browns and blondes and we can wear them at any time of the year.

However, during the summer we must take into account how we take care of them so that the hair does not deteriorate or the effect is not diminished, with the tones that our hair acquires when we expose it a lot to the sun, chlorine and beach.

"In summer we must consider that hair tends to dry out and solar exposures, chlorine from swimming pools or sea water harm it, making it difficult to maintain the original tone of your highlights," said Edwin Santiago, professional stylist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami. "We must bear in mind that the purpose of highlights is to illuminate the face and give volume to the mane," he added.

What should we consider during the summer to maintain the highlights and not mistreat our hair?

1) Be careful with the procedure:

"To show natural highlights and at the same time take care of our hair in the process, technique is a key factor," says Santiago.

Avoid discoloration. Ask your stylist about the technique of applying color to both natural and colored hair. You should know that bleaching is only necessary when the base is very dark or when we want to make highlights in a much lighter shade than natural. I recommend avoiding it because it is a very aggressive procedure and tends to dry out the hair a lot and this time of year the risk of damaging the hair increases. Read more

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2) How to keep them at home

A hair with highlights needs a series of basic care.

You must provide your hair with treatments to nourish and hydrate it, this you do using special shampoos and conditioners and once a week, applying a hair mask to keep the color of the highlights intact for a longer time.

  • Use products with sun protection. The latter because the hair with highlights becomes porous and more sensitive to external aggressions.
  • When you go to the beach or pool, I recommend applying a gel or a protective spray before wetting it.
  • Try to wash it once a week, but if you are going to be exposing it to the beach and / or pool, no more than three times a week and always applying a good conditioner that provides it with the necessary nutrients and hydration.
  • As for drying, the expert explained that you try not to mistreat your hair with the irons and the dryer and if you are going to use them, apply a thermal protector beforehand.

3) Care for when we return from vacation

This is the best stage to cut the tips, especially since probably even if you have followed these tips, the highlights are dry and with the tips open.

  • If you have very damaged hair, I recommend more intense treatments that you can request at your favorite hairdresser. Consider nanokeratization.
  • Also in your favorite hairdresser, ask them to apply a repairing ampoule from the middle part to the ends. Also use special oil-based oils that apply warm and nourish the cuticle in depth.

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