Eat Properly On Vacation So You Don't Gain Weight

Eat Properly On Vacation So You Don't Gain Weight
Eat Properly On Vacation So You Don't Gain Weight
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We have already gone through the whole process of preparing our bodies and receiving the summer holidays looking as we want. We dieted, included exercise in our daily routine, etc. So, it is well worth it that we do not regain the weight we lost or exclude from our routine all those things with which we achieve the look we planned.

So, if you don't want September to surprise you with a few extra books, take note of these tips from our holistic health coach Leonella González.

González, creator of Health Living by Leonella, points out in these tips that will help us keep our look all year long as if it were summer.

Get used to eating 3 meals with a snack between them

Don't go hungry. The ideal is to eat every 3-4 hours, but in small quantities, preferably eating fruit between main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It is very important that not many hours pass between meals.

Take advantage of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits are great to include as a snack. These, in addition to providing us with water and helping us avoid dehydration and fluid retention, offer us fiber and help us reduce constipation problems.

Beware of cravings

Although we consider that we can give ourselves those tastes because we are on vacation, it is important that you do not abuse and do not get used to doing it. “If you are one of those who likes things like chips, soda, ice cream and alcoholic beverages, I would prefer that you did not, but if the temptation is great, do it in moderation and do not make it a habit. Do not consume them at dinner, try to eat them at snack time, never after lunch and less after dinner.

Stay hydrated

Water consumption is very important to eliminate fat. We must drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Don't exclude your exercise routine

If you don't have access to a gym to continue your exercise routine, try to take advantage of walks and walks.

Watch out for the last meal of the day

This last meal should remain light, even during our holidays. Also, try not to be too late. On the other hand, if you exceed the portions, try to take a short walk.

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