Laser Beauty Treatments That Do Work

Laser Beauty Treatments That Do Work
Laser Beauty Treatments That Do Work
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Laser treatments are here to stay and the results are getting better every time. "More and more systems and conditions can be improved with laser treatments," explained Dr. Kalieska Arroyo, owner of the Kalieska Arroyo Plastic & Medical Laser Clinic in Lima, Peru.

"Those are great for permanent hair removal, varicose vein removal, hair removal, blemish removal, rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, sagging improvement, body contour remodeling, scar treatment, etc.," added Arroyo.

There are different types of lasers depending on the condition you want to treat.

Laser used in hair removal

The goal of these lasers is to damage the hair follicle. For a good hair removal we need the hair to have melanin; that is to say, we could never shave white hairs or with very little melanin.

SHR (Super Hair Removal)

The Super Hair Removal is a type of diode laser hair removal that is very safe on very dark or very tanned skin and does not have any efficacy on blonde, white or fine hair, despite the fact that the publicity for this technique said that it was capable of plucking all types of hair. It can be somewhat less troublesome than other lasers.

Pulsed light anti-aging laser

For the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, dilated capillaries, loss of elasticity or collagen degeneration, intense pulsed light is recommended, since in addition to removing stains and capillaries, it stimulates the remodeling of collagen, thus improving the quality of the skin, giving it a more uniform appearance, closing the pore and eliminating small wrinkles.

More effective lasers used in the treatment of vascular problems, such as varicose veins.

  • Dye Laser

Ideal for vascular lesions of the face and neck.

Neodymium-yag laser

It is a laser capable of achieving a lot of power. It is mainly recommended for varicose veins in the lower limbs.

Lasers used in the treatment of pigmented lesions

The objective in this treatment is to direct the heat of the laser towards the melanin of the lesion; that is, spots on the skin caused by scars or by the sun. These lasers are also used for tattoo removal as the ink is usually dark in color.

Alexandrite Q-Switched laser

It is an ideal equipment for the treatment of superficial and brown skin lesions. Also for the removal of dark, black, dark green and blue color tattoos.

Neodymium-yag Q-Switched laser

Used in superficial skin lesions. It is also indicated for tattoos where the color red and yellow predominate.

Lasers used for scars

For acne scars, surgical or other-cause scars, infrared emission laser technology is most effective.

The objective of this type of laser is to heat the old collagen and denature it in a controlled way, stimulating the formation of new, well-structured collagen. This translates clinically into the external improvement of the appearance of scars of all kinds, such as acne scars, post-traumatic, post-surgical and even stretch marks.

Laser used for Body-Contouring (Laserlipolysis)

This laser is for the destruction of fatty tissue and body contouring. It is minimally invasive, it facilitates the destruction of fatty tissue and the coagulation of microvessels, achieving a skin-thightening effect. “For many people, they will see results after 9 treatments in one area over the course of three weeks. Maximum results should occur within three months."

Cellulaze laser

This laser treatment for cellulite is a non-invasive technique that does not leave unsightly scars and you only need to wear a small girdle for two weeks and in one hour after the session you can resume normal life. The process is very simple and does not leave marks on the skin, it consists of introducing a laser cannula into the epidermal tissue to the area where the adipocytes accumulate to achieve the restructuring of the skin and the elimination of the irregularities that they produce.

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