5 Haircuts That Will Be A Boom Throughout This Fall (PHOTOS)

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5 Haircuts That Will Be A Boom Throughout This Fall (PHOTOS)
5 Haircuts That Will Be A Boom Throughout This Fall (PHOTOS)

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Changing your haircut every season renews you to face the new season that is beginning rejuvenated, that's why here we share what are the haircuts that will be a boom this fall

1. French hair: Its versatility gives an opportunity for almost all face types to wear, except for those with more square features because it frames them and makes them even harder. Although visually it is a straight mane, technically it is somewhat concave. That is, at the nape it is slightly shorter and longer at the front. The most correct way to style it is straight or natural with the shape of your hair!

2. Garçon: O also known as boyish boy style is practical and comfortable to maintain. According to lospeinados.com experts, this hairstyle became popular after the Second World War because women did not have time to fix their hair, so they chose to cut it to the point of having a more masculine style, hence also be known as "boy cut". This fall is one of the most striking and beautiful to wear because it gives your face a feeling of freshness and freedom. It is one of our favorites!

3. Blunt cut: Its length is at chin level and will be one of the most requested in salons from September to December. It is a square mane without layers or progressions. The best way to style it is with a line in the middle to give linearity to the cut.

Wearing it gives vitality and health to any mane. If you are a girl with little hair, this cut is perfect to pretend that you have much more. It favors women with small features, strong cheekbones and a long face.

4. Sophisticated Bob: The bob will not be missing during this fall 2018 among the beauty trends. It is a lifesaving hairstyle for many women who see in it an easy cut to care for, style and best of all, it has the power to remove years in a matter of minutes. It is still worn with ruffled waves and asymmetry on the front.

5. Youth Pixie: If you want to reveal yourself with a different look, do it with the youth pixie because it is a cut that is worn slightly tousled. In the morning you only need to comb it with your fingers and that's it.

The variety is transferred if you want to add some style of bangs, something that perhaps you are not willing to give up. If in addition to that you want to bet on another color, the colors of fashionable dyes during this time of year are: c ream soda, classic platinum, bronde, block, jet, among others.

Given the hair trends, which cut do you want to wear this fall 2018?

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