5 Tips For Shiny Hair On Colder Days

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5 Tips For Shiny Hair On Colder Days
5 Tips For Shiny Hair On Colder Days
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With the arrival of autumn, not only the skin suffers from low temperatures, but also the hair because frizz and dryness appear more easily, it even tends to become more fragile, it loses texture and volume. That is why Dove stylist Cynthia Alvarez gives us 5 tips that you must follow to have silky, hydrated and shiny hair when the coldest days of the year come. Follow them and show off your pretty hair!

1.Avoid the appearance of dandruff with olive or lemon oil

During cold seasons, your scalp is drier and more irritable from the low humidity in the air. This can bring problems like dandruff. Most people don't realize that dandruff and dryness of the scalp are easily managed with proper care. To avoid them, simply apply olive oil or lemon juice. Using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for dandruff, such as Dove Dermacare Scalp Clean & Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner, also prevents flakes from appearing.

2. Control the hated frizz

One of the nuisances of cold weather is static electricity. Hoodies, scarves and hats on your hair make hair become a static mess. To avoid this, use a hairbrush that has boar bristles.

3. Applying conditioner is NOT negotiable

Apply a deep conditioner mask like Dove Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Mask once a week. It will restore and seal the moisture in your hair. Not only will it help soften frizzy and brittle hair, it will also create a stronger, shinier mane.

4. Use the hair straightener in the minimum temperature

If you have to use heat tools like curling irons or irons, you should always use a good quality heat defense spray. Protects your hair and keeps it shiny and hydrated.

5. Never wash your hair with hot water

I know it is tempting to raise the temperature of the water, but try to avoid rinsing your hair with very hot water. Use warm water to keep it from drying out and avoid damage to the scalp that becomes extremely sensitive during winter.

Look change

A change of look changes the life of any woman because it increases self-esteem. If you are thinking of cutting your hair, keep in mind that if you have fine and straight hair, Cynthia advises you to choose a straight cut or also one with bangs at eye level to give the illusion of abundance.

If, on the other hand, your hair is thick, the best alternatives are those styles with layers because they frame the face.

In the case of having wavy hair, the long layers and the bob cut work perfectly.

The expert talks about how it is normal that you want to change the shape or color of your hair after a separation, moving to a new city or even due to a change of season. These drastic changes give you the opportunity to become a "different" person, a little more daring than before.

Many times you even go to make a keratin and dye your hair the same day, how recommendable is it?

"You can do a keratin treatment and color your hair the same day. If you decide to do it, be sure to dye your hair before keratin. Keratin treatment helps seal pigment from permanent color or highlights. Your color will last longer and appear more vibrant because keratin creates a seal on your hair. If you decide to apply the color after the treatment, you should wait at least two weeks. Otherwise, the color will not be able to penetrate your hair, "concludes Cynthia.

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