How To Prolong The Effect Of The Balayage Look

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How To Prolong The Effect Of The Balayage Look
How To Prolong The Effect Of The Balayage Look
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Although this balayage look is very common for the summer, it is important to take care of it to prolong the effect for the following seasons, especially if you like how your hair looks with this effect

When we spoke with Edwin Santiago, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa, in Miami he explained to us that this technique allows us to give extreme luminosity to hair, What is balayage?

According to the expert, “balayage is a coloring method that consists of sweeping the dye with a brush by hand on the hair without the need to use anything else. The technique, of French origin, was very popular in the 90s and has once again been among the most popular techniques in hairdressing salons."

Maintaining this look is easier, since by not touching the root we are not forced to touch up every two or three months. What is true is that if your hair grows, you must touch up the ends to maintain the look.

Extend the look by shading them

There is nothing more horrifying than balayage highlights with orange highlights. To avoid this, Santiago recommends using blue (or violet) shampoo to tint the blonde balayage highlights.

On how to qualify with the violet shampoo, Santiago explained to us:

Wash the hair with the usual shampoo.

Apply the violet shampoo and massage well, especially, affecting the area where the balayage highlights are. You have to let it act for a few minutes. If your mane has lost the light and looks dry, try to leave it for at least 10 minutes. Go doing small massages with the shampoo on so that it penetrates very well.

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What are hair dyes that DO NOT harm hair? (PHOTOS) Rinse the product perfectly and apply a mask.

With these steps I assure you that the nuance of the balayage highlights will be perfect. However, Santiago points out that you should visit your color specialist so that he can qualify and cut when necessary. This will prolong the look and make your hair look healthier.

The biggest advantage of balayage highlights is the use of various shades capable of enhancing the natural base of our hair, with the intention of simulating the golden effect of the sun, without leaving the roots evident. Also, the balayage effect can be used to cover gray hair.

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