6 Benefits Of Applying Ice Cubes To Facial Skin

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6 Benefits Of Applying Ice Cubes To Facial Skin
6 Benefits Of Applying Ice Cubes To Facial Skin
Video: 6 Benefits Of Applying Ice Cubes To Facial Skin
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Did you know that ice is an excellent cosmetic for your face? Sun exposure, poor diet and pollution are factors that promote premature skin aging. For this reason, the cosmetic industry has created a series of products that avoid dryness and delay the appearance of frightening wrinkles and blemishes; however, these are very expensive for some pockets.

If you have the same problem as us, you have to know that the ice that forms in your refrigerator or you buy in the supermarket helps to regenerate facial skin and even rejuvenate it. What is this blessing!

Ice facial therapy comes from the East and has spread throughout the world to care for youth. Find out some of its benefits and start using it today.

1.Rejuvenates: It consists of rubbing ice on the lines of the face both in the morning and at night to hydrate, tone and prevent the appearance of expression lines. If you have the habit of going to a spa, you will know that in these places it is widely used.

2. Prevents acne: Blackheads, blackheads and spots usually appear as a consequence of sun exposure or hormonal changes. Avoid using this type of natural product.

3. It stimulates blood circulation, which helps rejuvenate the skin. Other products that improve this problem are: cereal, ginger, garlic, pumpkin seeds, turmeric and walnuts.

4. Close open pores and prevent blackheads.

5. It deflates the puffy eyes and fights dark circles. The specialists of Best with Health explain that ice is an ally of bodily inflammations. For these two uses, you should wrap a few ice squares in a soft cloth and leave them on the eyes for 15 minutes.

Another method to make dark circles disappear is rose compresses. To prepare it, leafless a rose and place the petals in a pot of boiling water. Let it cook for two hours so that all the nutrients come out. After separating from the heat, let it cool down a bit and soak a cotton ball with that infusion and let it act on your eyes for a few minutes. Rinse as usual.

6. It gains softness because ice tightens the skin; that is, it helps to reduce enlarged pores. After a few months of being constant you will notice that your face is firmer.

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Correct application

Thoroughly clean the area and make sure it's free of cosmetics like makeup

2. Do not put it directly, but as we told you before, you must wrap it in a cloth.

3. Rub the cloth on different areas of the face for two minutes at a time.

4. Make circular movements along the jaw, chin, forehead, cheeks and in the nose area. When you get to the eyes, do it more gently because the skin is more sensitive and thin.

5. Complete the treatment with a tonic.

You have to know that this facial treatment is practiced for 15 minutes and that you can also prepare ice cubes of green tea, cucumber water, chamomile tea …

Normally people like you wash their faces with hot water and that bad habit dries out the skin. By putting ice on it, that area will stay fresh and hydrated.

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