What Perfume Should You Use To Attract Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

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What Perfume Should You Use To Attract Love According To Your Zodiac Sign
What Perfume Should You Use To Attract Love According To Your Zodiac Sign
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Did you know that with your scent you are able to attract people? because, even if you think that first of all it enters through the eyes, your aroma also counts. The fragrance you use is capable of "awakening" pheromones, hormones related to physical attraction and pleasure.

But then , what is the perfume that I must use to be successful in love according to my zodiac sign? Discover which one to wear so that he is not only attracted by your personality and intelligence, but also by your rich aroma. Everything is a complement!



You define yourself as a woman with a very strong personality. You are self-confident, intelligent and with an unwavering decision-making power that captivates any man, that's why you need to enhance all that that comes from within you with fragrances with notes of chocolate, wood and vanilla, for example EDP Flower Bomb.


You are sophisticated! In addition to being determined, practical and always being at the forefront of everything that happens around you, so having a conversation with you is helpful. You have no problem to issue criteria of any subject with property. Your knowledge is combined with your beautiful physical appearance, which you possess because you love taking care of your skin and eating healthy. Combine that pleasant personality with hints of rose, orange blossom and jasmine perfumes, for example, with Calvin Klein's Eternity. That man who attracts you so much will not be able to resist your scent!


You are sociable, fun, passionate about life and very in love. Because your sign is ruled by air, the fragrances that will help your Cupid are those with hints of citrus and flowers, like Dior's EDP Poison Girl.


What man does not long to have a dreamy woman by his side? Many! You are one of them and that's why you have to take advantage of your attribute, but also sensitive and altruistic, in other words, that you help others without expecting anything in return. That characteristic is very human and what it reflects is that you are a good person. Your zodiac sign is determined by the element of water, so you need to carry sweet and flowery aromas on your skin that refresh it, such as Marc Jacobs' Daisy Eau So Fresh.


If you were born under the sign of Leo, you define yourself as an authentic, adventurous girl who makes a difference when entering anywhere. Your best allies to attract the nose of the opposite sex are those scents that are warm, like Paloma Picasso's DP Paloma Picasso.


You are a girl of total confidence, who gives herself unconditionally, generously and kindly. You are shy and reserved at first contact. With your partner you are passionate, faithful and romantic, something that whoever has the happiness of being by your side will appreciate. Even if you have all those virtues, when someone knows you, the first thing they notice is your intelligence and good sense of humor. Your ideal perfume to complement your way of being are those made from red fruits, such as the Lauren Style, by Ralph Lauren.


Searching for love? Ok, the first thing you have to identify with is that you are a reserved, fun, intelligent and balanced woman, characteristics that attract many men. You have an enormous sense of beauty and you know at all times how to give your personal touch to everything you do, so you become an original and easy-to-find girl, which intrigues men. To combine your unique personality and make it stand out even more, use subtle perfumes based on vanilla, lavender and cinnamon, for example, the DP Boss Ma Vie Intense, by Hugo Boss.


You are the most passionate woman in the entire horoscope! You like men with a lot of imagination because you hate routine and monotony. As for your personality, you give an appearance of being a woman who loves to work, who loves taking care of her family and who is quite seductive with her partner. The perfumes that go best with you are those with aquatic notes with romantic combinations of caramel or chocolate, such as the EDT Florale La Vie Est Belle, by Lancôme.

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What perfume to choose according to the type of occasion


Positive, optimistic and adventure lover. What a woman! That is why, to attract romance into your life, in addition to having such a beautiful personality, it is a good trick to put on your skin those aromas that further encourage your free spirit, such as those with citrus and vanilla, such as Touch of Pink, from Lacoste.


You characterize yourself for being an elegant, familiar woman, a good worker and who likes to enrich her knowledge through books. A highly self-confident woman like you has to wear a fragrance that frames her personality by having tonka bean and vanilla, for example, Coco Mademoiselle, by Chanel.


Full of energy, flirtatious, fun and professional. You give your personal touch to everything you do, you are passionate and one of the friendliest in the whole horoscope, that is why it is advisable that you carry a scent that captivates any sense of smell and that has sandalwood resin. One of them is the Intense, by Dolce & Gabbana.


You are one of the most sensitive, loving and tender women in the entire Zodiac. In you, any couple finds a good companion and friend because you give yourself completely by showing your feelings without prejudice, so you sometimes become vulnerable. Let yourself be carried away by the scent of perfumes that represent the element of water, such as Acqua di Gioia, by Giorgio Armani. You will captivate him!

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