How You Should Take Care Of Your Skin At 20, 30 And 40 Years Old

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How You Should Take Care Of Your Skin At 20, 30 And 40 Years Old
How You Should Take Care Of Your Skin At 20, 30 And 40 Years Old
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We consulted with Dr. Barba, expert dermatologist and Dove ambassador, what care we should apply to our skin depending on the age we are in, and this is what she told us

Regardless of how old you are, there are precautions you must follow to have healthy and radiant skin:

Remember that your beauty routine begins in the shower! The goal of a good cleaner should be to remove dirt, oil, dead cells, and odor-causing bacteria. You should also replace the wetting agents your skin loses after showering. I recommend a quick quick shower with warm water and a mild cleanser, such as the Dove Body Wash. It has ultra-gentle cleansing agents combined with Nutrium Moisture to hydrate at the same time.

  • Don't leave the house without applying a sunscreen! You should always keep in mind to protect your skin from sun damage. That means protecting the skin from head to toe.
  • At 20

    Eat well! We are what we eat. A healthy diet rich in vegetables, protein and low in fat will help you have healthy skin. It is difficult to verify, but deep down we all know that this is true. It is best to learn how to modify the way we cook our favorite foods, so they are less fat and balance with vegetables and foods rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, such as beans (boiled and "not refried").

    • Keep your weight! I would also encourage women in their 20s to maintain a constant weight and avoid fluctuations. The worst thing for your face is losing 30 pounds in your 40s. Your body and heart will love you (if you're overweight, of course), but your face won't. After a certain age, it looks good to lose weight on your body, but not on your face.
    • At 30:

      Find yourself a beautician! Even something like a simple facial by imgs / thumbs / thumb-91751.jpg" />At 40:

      Routine exams ! Latina women believe that we are immune to skin cancer and that we do not need annual skin exams. This is not true, in fact, skin cancer in Latino patient populations in the United States continues to rise. At 40 years old it is too late to start preventing sun damage. However, you can start with a good care regimen to help compensate for damage and improve appearance. The type of treatment chosen depends on the person's philosophy.

      • Invest in quality products! Invest in an eye cream and apply it morning and night. I don't think one should stay using the same eye cream. Try different creams, swapping the function of the active ingredients. The active ingredients in the product work on different layers and structures of the skin. We should calculate all layers by changing assets, without wasting, of course. Once a tube is finished, change it for something else, depending on your skin's needs.

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