Expert Tips For Dyeing At Home Without Being A Mess

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Expert Tips For Dyeing At Home Without Being A Mess
Expert Tips For Dyeing At Home Without Being A Mess
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Although the ideal is to put ourselves in the hands of experts when it comes to the care of our hair, especially when we talk about color, we know that there are times when emergencies arise and we have to solve at home

On this topic, I share with you the advice of an expert who will help us do it well. "Making color at home is possible, but there are several things you should know before doing it so that you get the best results," said Edwin Santiago, renowned stylist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in the city of Miami.

The odyssey begins when you get to the hair dye section of your favorite store or pharmacy. Today the alternatives by color, brands, formulas, method of application, duration, etc. It is huge, which makes choosing the tint that suits us even more difficult.

Taking this into account, Santiago pointed out the following:

  1. Growth touch-up - If it is growth touch-up, you should evaluate the color according to the photo that most closely resembles yours. In general, the dye boxes have an approximate of how the color looks according to your pigmentation or color that you already have.
  2. If it is to change the color- Although I recommend that the color change be done by an expert, if you are willing to do it, you should bear in mind that you should not make a drastic color change. On the other hand, remember that tonality is very important. Santiago explained that cold skin tones should choose neutral colors, not red or gold. Warm skin tones should go for gold, honey or chestnut colors.
  3. Identify what you need to apply the color - Although you can usually buy the cases that bring everything you need to apply the color, it is important that you verify that you have:

Towels- make sure you can stain them with dye.

  • Wear a shirt that you don't mind spoiling.
  • Petroleum jelly - apply it to the edge of the hairline to prevent it from dyeing.
  • Clock or stopwatch.
  • A special brush to apply the color.
  • Hair clips to divide the hair.
  • A container for mixing the color and peroxide.
    1. Consider the health of your hair- Assess the condition of your hair. Remember that if your hair is badly damaged, it will absorb more color, which affects the results. In general, the ends are the most damaged part of the hair, so Santiago suggests that this is the last part where you apply the color.
    2. Make sure to divide the hair- If you want complete coverage, you must divide the hair and apply the product from front to back, taking small strands. If on the other hand what you are tweaking is growth, apply it only in that part.
    3. Take care of the health of your hair- Try to add to your routine apply a mask regularly. Healthy hair will always make color look better. Likewise, make sure to use the products to wash it according to the condition of your hair and especially that they are for dyed hair, the expert concluded.

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