What Blush Color Should You Use According To Your Skin Tone

What Blush Color Should You Use According To Your Skin Tone
What Blush Color Should You Use According To Your Skin Tone
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I don't know if it happens to you, but choosing blush has always been a complication for me. I did not know if I should take into account the color of the shadow or lipstick that I was going to use to combine it or if it was the color of my hair or that of my skin that I had to take into consideration.

My doubts were clarified when I spoke with Antonia Rutherford, makeup artist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in the city of Miami.

“The blush color should go according to your skin color. Many people underestimate the importance of this when looking to wear good makeup. I always remind my clients that blush is one of our best beauty allies. With it we can enhance the natural tone of our skin and bring a little color and luminosity to the face, "said Antonia.

Remember that you must also know how to apply color, for this Antonia explained that you have to use an extra large brush and blend very well so as not to leave visible lines.

Next, I share with you the tips that the makeup artist gave me:

Very white skin- If you are very white, the colors that will make you look the best are coral tones.

  • Light skin- These go more towards the pink tone. For these skins I recommend light tones. You can choose the pink tones in all its variations. For example, during the day opt for the lighter ones and at night, the fuchsias.
  • Light-medium skin- If your skin is between beige tones, I recommend that you use two tones. That is, coral shades to cover your entire cheek, while amber will add a little shine. Very important, apply the two tones in circular movements to achieve a natural and flawless effect.

Now, if your tone is darker, here are his recommendations:

Dark skin- For this skin tone I recommend bright tones, such as pinks and fuchsias. Another very good option is the brick color.

  • Moderately dark skin - To avoid hardening the features of your face, if your skin tone is dark, you should use blushes in golden tones.
  • Darker skin. For darker skin tones I recommend tangerine shades. These add a little color to your skin and, in addition, the natural tone of your face is not lost.

Since you have identified the color that will make you look the best, it is important to remember that you should apply makeup using natural light. This is because artificial lighting tends to change the tones, giving the illusion that the tone is stronger or weaker.

Now, and if the blush is in liquid or cream, how should we apply it? Antonia tells us: “If you have a cream or liquid blush, the ideal is to apply it with your fingers or with a sponge. Just remember to blend the edges very well so that your cheek is not too marked.”

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