What Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

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What Eyebrows Say About Your Personality
What Eyebrows Say About Your Personality

The eyebrows say much more about you than you can imagine. Depending on the shape or thickness, you can deduce aspects of your personality that identify you

The author of the book The wisdom of your face explains it to us like this:

The thin eyebrows or sparsely populated show insecure people who believe more in what they say about others than themselves.

While women with thick eyebrows are very confident, they can solve problems quickly and also love being active.

On the other hand, the eyebrows that are well above the eye can mean that the person is not too accessible. They may be more sensitive and shy women. Furthermore, they also tend to be perfectionists and have very good taste.

But if in your case the eyebrows are very close to the eye, this implies that the person is accessible, close and easy and they also show that they are women who keep their promise to the end.

As for their shape, women with round eyebrows prefer to have a relationship, they do not like to be alone “They tend to be very good and think a lot about the needs of others. They tend to be very tactful when it comes to communicating and always prefer a situation where everyone wins.

The straight brows mean that person tends to make decisions logically, are not too emotional.

On the other hand, "the eyebrows with the marked beak represent people who like to have fun and are accelerated: they speak quickly, make decisions quickly and need things that stimulate them," says the specialist. Furthermore, “they tend to be spontaneous and fun, with a great sense of humor.

Was he right with your eyebrows?

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