How Can You Learn To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows

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How Can You Learn To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows
How Can You Learn To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows

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The eyebrows are a very important element on our face. So much so that, if they are very striking, they can be a way to distinguish yourself when they describe you

That is why we cannot underestimate how important it is to have them well cared for and groomed according to our features. "Although it may seem simple, it is important that you know that the maintenance of our eyebrows requires specific care," said Antonia Rutherford, makeup artist and beautician at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami.

“Simple recommendations like plucking your eyebrows after showering. This because the pores are more dilated and redness is avoided. Also, don't forget to hydrate them immediately afterwards”, added Antonia.

Although when we talk about eyebrows we think about beauty and makeup, eyebrows are important to help us protect our eyes from rain, sweat, solar radiation and any other harmful agent, such as dust.

Now take note and give your eyebrows the care they deserve

Check the beauty products you use

I always suggest avoiding using beauty products of questionable quality or results. Check the expiration date. Consult a certified specialist who can guide you in this regard. It is very important to know that, although aesthetically it looks good, this can have certain risks.

Do not pluck your eyebrows completely

Although it has a lot to do with fashion, we can say that a very common mistake is to pluck or completely remove the eyebrows. This is 100% negative. As I explained previously, the eyebrows have several functions in addition to helping us contour our face. Also, replacing them with a marker does not look good.

Use moisturizers or creams that stimulate their growth

There are specialized products on the market with which you can moisturize or stimulate their growth. You can even make your homemade creams with natural products. For example, you can mix castor oil and gallic acid to make your eyebrows grow longer. Also, you can apply olive oil or a special moisturizing cream for that area.

Shapes inner edges

Something you can do is pluck your eyebrows according to a pattern or style that favors your face and the characteristics of your eyebrows. In this case, we recommend that you shape the inner edges of your eyebrows. You can do this very simply: simply place a makeup brush vertically on the side of your nose; then, taking the brush as a reference, removes the hair that is located on the brow between the line that marks the brush.

Use a toner after waxing

After plucking your eyebrows, try to use a toner to moisturize them, give them a good appearance and even help prevent infections, since a tonic has bactericidal effects.

Give them the right way

Choose the shape of the eyebrows according to the type of face. Consult your favorite makeup artist to help you outline them and give them the correct length and shape for your face.

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Tips to make up your eyes according to their shape Wash them

Like any other part of our body, we must clean or wash our eyebrows every time we bathe. It is very important that you rub them gently and that, after applying soap, rinse them thoroughly to avoid leaving soap residue that, over time, can cause the eyebrows to weaken and fall out.

Humidify them

Be sure to apply moisturizer to your eyebrows, both the skin and the hair of the eyebrows need to be well moisturized.

Comb them

Combing your eyebrows with the help of a soft brush can be a great help in stimulating their growth.

Consult a professional

Don't underestimate the care of your eyebrows. Always visit a professional who can guide you on the best way to keep healthy eyebrows and increase the beauty of your face.

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