Do You Wash Your Hair Well? (VIDEO)

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Do You Wash Your Hair Well? (VIDEO)
Do You Wash Your Hair Well? (VIDEO)
Video: Do You Wash Your Hair Well? (VIDEO)
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Do you think you wash your hair well? Schwarzkopf experts advise that before doing so you should brush it to remove fixing products. And also, do it before bed to remove all the residues that stick to your hair.

When you wash your hair, you must follow the following steps:

1. Do not change shampoo constantly

Look for one that contains a mask and conditioner. María Castán, representative of Wella, affirms that it is not true that your hair gets used to a product nor is it immune because it has life.

“When you use the same shampoo for many months, you don't appreciate its benefits. But, if you use a new one, the hair will react differently, " says the scientific expert.

To find out what type of scalp you have, scratch yourself in the middle and observe the color of your skin. If it is white, it is normal. If it is reddish, you have a sensitive scalp. If it is yellowish and glows, it is greasy. If it is gray and matte, you face blood supply problems and it is convenient to look for products with menthol.

2. Don't put too much product

Gently wash your scalp first, yes, without making circles and thus not tangle your hair. Rinse with enough water and perform a new wash, but this time from the roots to the ends. Don't forget that you should let your shampoo take effect. Let it react for at least 7 minutes.

3. Wash and wash

When doing this, don't use very hot water because it weakens it and the cuticle becomes too open. If you are a girl who is not afraid of cold water, use it. You will get much more shine than you think. It will be clean when you notice that there is no more foam in the rinse.

4. How should you place the conditioner?

Apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends and let it do its work.

5. Drying

When you finish washing your hair, never rub it to make it dry faster. Take a towel and wrap it. It is convenient not to use irons or hair dryers; if you do, apply heat shield first.

Follow these tips that Yuya gives you to have perfect hair.

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