How To Train Your Oily Hair To Last Clean For Up To 4 Days

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How To Train Your Oily Hair To Last Clean For Up To 4 Days
How To Train Your Oily Hair To Last Clean For Up To 4 Days
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You wash your hair, but hopefully it lasts for a clean day and a half. You recognize that it is extremely uncomfortable to feel oily hair because the natural shine goes away and the volume is completely reduced. How can I make it last longer, clean and less greasy?

Before knowing the solutions, you have to learn to figure out what type of hair you have. If you have oily hair, you will know because your mane looks shiny and as if it were moistened, the cause of this “problem” is the scalp, whose sebaceous glands degrade and produce more fat than necessary, while expelling it spreading throughout The hair. If, on the other hand, your hair is dry, it gets tangled easily, you have split ends and it is rough. It also itches your scalp. And finally, if you have normal hair, it is soft to touch, you easily comb it, its appearance is healthy and it has not suffered chemical aggressions such as dyes, nor natural ones such as sun, sea water and chlorine.

Now, training it to be less fatty is possible. The solution is not to wash it more often because it removes the natural oils from the scalp and, to compensate for it by automatically stimulating the production of fat. Train your mane to last longer clean, following these tricks that will make you wash it every 4 days.

During day # 1

Wash your hair with transparent shampoo

If you care a lot about the appearance of your hair, you could be the type of girl who prefers to invest more money in a shampoo than to buy the most commercial ones. Beauty experts assure that ending oily hair begins with a good wash, but it is not worth it to do it with a cosmetic product that will give you an oily result.

The perfect shampoo for this type of hair must have a transparent texture and not white ones because they are lighter and leave less residue.

Half-pointed down conditioner

Religiously you have to do it. You do not need to do without it because it is a very necessary product to smooth your hair, but in any type of hair, the conditioner is applied from the middle to the bottom. If you touch the scalp, it will become oily within hours.

During day # 2

Opt for the collected ones to comb your hair

A day after washing your hair, it is still not dirty or with that greasy appearance that you hate so much. To keep it clean for longer and prevent fat production from increasing, make yourself a pigtail if you go to the gym or office.

Stop touching it so much

Touching it every 5 minutes favors the production of fat. When you hold it with a hairstyle, in addition to not touching it, you avoid dirtying it with your fingers.

During day # 3

Dry shampoo

He is undoubtedly the best friend of your mane! It is fixed that on the third day you have to resort to it to restore its natural volume. The correct way to apply it is at a distance of 30 centimeters and ensuring that the roots are clean.

During day # 4

The big day has arrived! To the shower

Apple cider vinegar brings an important list of benefits to your mane. The main one is that, as Best with Health comments in one of its publications, it balances the pH of the scalp, without damaging its natural oils. It is also able to avoid split ends, fights dandruff, works as a conditioner and even makes hair grow faster.

Wash as usual

Remember to wash your hair with a shampoo with a transparent texture and apply the conditioner with half ends down. You may not notice the changes right away; But if you are consistent with this procedure, the time will come when you feel less greasy. This training is intended to be less oiled.

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