The "it Girl" Gala González Shares Her Beauty Tips With Us

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The "it Girl" Gala González Shares Her Beauty Tips With Us
The "it Girl" Gala González Shares Her Beauty Tips With Us
Video: The "it Girl" Gala González Shares Her Beauty Tips With Us
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Gala González is an expert in fashion and beauty and her millions of followers on social networks know this. That is why Siempre Mujer wanted to ask you in this quick questionnaire what are your best tricks to look perfect at all times and what attracts you to your favorite perfume: DKNY Stories.

1.What does DKNY mean to you?

It represents a bright, unexpected city with unlimited opportunities.

2. Describe DKNY stories in three words.

Versatile, authentic, exciting.

3. How do you apply fragrance (on your hair, on your ankles, behind your knee) and where do you go when you apply it?

I like to apply it to the back of my head, just down the neck line.

4. How did your story start in the fashion and beauty industries? I grew up in a fashion family that has been in business for more than 4 decades. At first, I tried to reject the idea of ​​being part of it, only to realize that I couldn't escape what was in my blood. My blog, Instagram and everything I do is my way of expressing my own ideas and sharing them with the rest of the world. It is a passion that has become my own vision and work.

5. What are your essential beauty products? Thick moisturizer, because I travel a lot and my skin often feels like a desert, lip balm with a pop of color and fragrance, of course.

6. What is your beauty mantra? Hydrate your skin, don't be too scared with a shiny face!

7. Do you have an obsession with fashion? If so, what is it ? I can't stop buying white MAMA jeans right now.

8. Tell us about your first time in New York. I first came with a boyfriend I had at the time. It was July and it was very hot. I loved it, but I didn't quite understand it. It wasn't until I arrived a couple of years later for fashion week that something clicked. It had to be the place where I would live for a time in my life. And so, it became my home now.

9. What are your must-see places to visit in New York? Too much or too little, it depends on how you look at it. But from Gramercy Park to Chinatown, you will find me everywhere.

10. You were born in Spain, raised in the UK and now live in New York. How has each of these places contributed to your story? I guess I have become a citizen of the world. The three countries are so different that each one had a huge impact on me. I have maintained my passion, but I have learned to navigate life with a little humor and sarcasm, along with good manners and topped off with something new: I found a good nose for business.

11. What do you think attracts people to New York? It is freedom. It is a place where sometimes you feel lonely, but you will never be without company even once.

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