How To Get Shiny Hair, An Expert Tells Us

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How To Get Shiny Hair, An Expert Tells Us
How To Get Shiny Hair, An Expert Tells Us
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If you notice that your hair is losing shine, it is brittle and sometimes until you don't have any style that you try to give it, it means that your hair is crying out for your attention

To teach us how to recover that natural beauty that our hair must have, we spoke with the Puerto Rican stylist Haime Camacho, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami.

"The first thing is to visit your hairdresser and give him a diagnosis of the condition of your hair," said Haime. "You should bear in mind that the hair that has a tendency to spoil more easily is chemically treated and curly, so if your hair has any of these characteristics, you should take care of it more than the rest and pay close attention to these tips", added the expert.


Let's start with detoxifying the hair. Yes, that is not only with the body, the hair also needs us to remove all residues of shampoos, conditioners, chemicals, etc. The ideal is to do it in a beauty salon where there are suitable products.

However, you can do it yourself. Here I explain:

Use a purifying shampoo to remove external residues (lime, pollution, product residues, etc.) and dead cells. I recommend choosing one with an exfoliating action. Look for one with essences or extracts of ginger or rosemary, this invigorates and stimulates the scalp.

  • Then apply a compact mask to wet hair and cover the hair with an osmotic paper. Preferably apply moist heat to it.
  • Remove the paper and give yourself a relaxing massage of the scalp with the mask itself lowered with a little water. This helps activate blood circulation and restore hydration and elasticity after purification to the scalp.

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If you have split ends, you have to cut them. "Once the tips are open, if we don't cut them, they will continue to tear upwards." This, in addition to making your hair look more beautiful, will make it grow faster and healthier.


Once detoxified and cut, we must hydrate and keep it healthy following the following recommendations.

Try to use neutral pH shampoo and not wash your head every day: the hair's own fat is essential for our hair to hydrate.

  • Apply a hydrating mask periodically; the most hydrating are the compact ones.
  • Use serum or oil suitable for your hair type, there are many variants, but the three most effective are virgin olive oil, argan oil and coconut oil. We can also mention the almond one. The latter, although not as hydrating as the others, is the most suitable for use without clarifying or on oily hair.
  • Beware of electrical appliances. If these are used with conscience and at the right temperatures for each type of hair, they are not as harmful as we think.
  • Avoid making very tight hairstyles or pulling your hair back without it being completely dry, this is very harmful and we must avoid it.
  • It is important to carefully brush your hair to stimulate the scalp and not lose more hair than usual.

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