Learn To Make Up By Hiding The Lines Of Expression

Learn To Make Up By Hiding The Lines Of Expression
Learn To Make Up By Hiding The Lines Of Expression
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Perhaps you have heard that prevention is better than regret, since this also applies to the care of our skin and our efforts to prolong the youthful appearance of our skin.

"We must understand that it is not a matter of being young or not, it is starting to take care of the face daily to avoid wrinkles and look much younger," says Antonia Rutherford, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami. It is also important to know that incorrect application of different cosmetics will make wrinkles much more visible. "However, if you did not start this care on time, then we must resort to learning how to apply makeup so that those lines of expression are not so obvious," said Antonia.

Here are some important tips that the expert shared with us.

  1. Apply moisturizing serum every morning and, before applying makeup to your face, apply a primer that will leave your skin smoother and more prepared.
  2. Moisturize the skin: Before applying make-up, you must be sure that your skin is well hydrated, so that it does not look dry and expression lines are more noticeable. "Apply your moisturizer, above all, do not forget the eye cream, since it is an extremely sensitive area and in which the effects of aging are more visible."
  3. Once you have prepared your skin, apply a liquid, anti-aging foundation.
  4. Regarding the base you apply, I recommend mixing it with a hydrating serum with a luminous effect. This helps you to considerably improve the luminosity of the skin and the result is spectacular.
  5. To apply the base, I prefer to mix both products (luminous serum and base) on the back of the hand, thus heating the base and making it easier to spread. Then I apply this mixture on the skin, tapping, like circular massages. In this way, the product adheres perfectly to the skin.
  6. Once applied correctly, we want to unify and shade the makeup, in general, we use powders. However, when we want to hide wrinkles, it is best to avoid matte and compact powders and instead apply a small amount of loose powder to the T-area of ​​the face (forehead, nose and chin). This will prevent the product from concentrating on wrinkles and making them more visible.
  7. Very important, do not abuse powders, especially matte powders. These usually tend to mark wrinkles; If you use them, let them have a light effect.
  8. As for the base, do not overdo it when applying it as it adds too much weight to the skin and accumulates in lines and wrinkles.
  9. In the area where you have wrinkles or expression lines, do not apply too much foundation. In these “conflictive” areas, such as the groove between the eyebrows or crow's feet, less amount of base must be applied than on the rest of the face.
  10. In the eye area, always try to use light shades or neutral tones. Avoid very dark colors.
  11. Applying an illuminator in the tear area is very flattering. This way you will be able to show a look full of freshness and luminosity. Apply a bit of mascara, but only on top, this will intensify your look.
  12. As for the blush, you should apply it on the upper part of the cheekbone, above the houndstooth. Being a darker color than the skin, it marks too much the lines of expression. I always recommend lowering the blush a little and sticking to the cheekbone, without going too high.
  13. Finally, regarding the lips, Antonia recommends applying gloss gloss on the lips with soft, pearly colors. It is better not to use very dark or matte tones, since then you will be able to mark more the small wrinkles that you may have around the lips.

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