Discover The Correct Order Of Makeup In Just 7 Steps

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Discover The Correct Order Of Makeup In Just 7 Steps
Discover The Correct Order Of Makeup In Just 7 Steps

Video: Discover The Correct Order Of Makeup In Just 7 Steps

Video: Discover The Correct Order Of Makeup In Just 7 Steps
Video: The Right Order To Apply Your Makeup | Hauterfly | Beauty 2023, April

Although each one of us has their own routine when it comes to applying makeup, it often varies according to the occasion, and especially the time available. However, we wanted to consult the expert makeup artist Antonia Rutherford, from the prestigious Miami beauty salon Avant Garde Salon and Spa, to give us some basic tips to help us apply makeup in the right way. That is, to get the best results in less time when applying makeup every day.

The first thing, according to Rutherford, is to prepare our skin with the necessary products so that it looks fresh when applying makeup. “The main thing is to have healthy, well-groomed skin. This helps us to make makeup easier to apply and above all that we do not need to apply a lot of makeup to see how we want."

1. Hydration

"It is very important not to apply any makeup on our skin without first hydrating it," said Antonia. "So the first thing we should apply is our moisturizer and wait for the skin to have time to absorb it."

If you live in a city where you have the changing seasons, Rutherford recommends that during the spring and summer you opt for a light moisturizer in a gel or serum formula. During the fall-winter you can consider a thick and moisturizing cream to maintain moisture throughout the day.

Apply first

Once our skin is well hydrated, we apply a primer. "This is applied to correct the colors that the base does not have and helps us to create uniformity in the tone of our skin so that when we apply the base we achieve the tone we want. If you're concerned about your eye area, go for a peach or pink primer to help brighten the dark areas around you.

The foundation

Once that color uniformity is achieved, we apply the base. This should be according to your tone and skin type. EYE, not only should we be concerned that it is the correct color, it is also very important that its consistency is correct so that it does not affect the appearance of our skin. First check what type of skin you have; dry, greasy or mixed (the latter is the most common). In general, the T zone tends to be different, so we must be sure that the base is suitable for our skin, "said Antonia.

4. Make up your eyes

Your complexion is complete, now we must make up the eyes. The eyes are the part that we must make up very carefully, since it is the light of the face.

You must first apply an eyeliner, this can be, if you prefer, a dark shadow. If you have greasy eyelids, I recommend that you reapply the eyeliner once you have applied the shadow, this will prevent you from getting a line in the crease of the eye and will make the makeup effect last longer.

Apply mascara to your lashes

Rutherford suggests applying the mascara at the end to hide any blemishes on the lashes. Apply the mask, wait a little while and apply it again. This will give you more volume effect.

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Tips to make up your eyes according to their shape

Sculpt and define cheekbones

When it comes time to shape your cheeks, precision is key to getting your look done. The darker shade below the cheekbone and then the blush on the cheekbone. According to Antonia, the darker shade goes through the cheekbones and temples, so it's important to apply it first. Next, apply the blush to the apples of the cheek and mix the color throughout the cheek area. And finally, the marker is placed at the highest point of the cheekbones with a smaller brush for a little touch of shine.

The lips

The final step to perfect the look of your makeup is to add a touch of color to your lips.

"To make the lip liner last longer, apply it to dry lips before applying lip color," recommends Antonia. “Use the liner to give it the shape and thickness you want on your lips. Once the liner is complete, apply the lip color. Remember that you can create the visual effect that you like the most,”said the expert.

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