Makeup Tips For Christmas And New Year

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Makeup Tips For Christmas And New Year
Makeup Tips For Christmas And New Year
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Carlina Zacarías, a makeup artist based in New York, has just launched with her partner Mabel Peña a line of eyelashes called Bellina Lashes. This idea came up so that all women could wear beautiful and glamorous eyelashes, and since we all love long and well-groomed eyelashes, we took advantage of her visit to our offices to ask this expert how to wear eyelash extensions like a professional:

We also didn't want to stop asking him about his best tricks and secrets to look radiant this season:

1.Tell us, what looks do you recommend for holidays such as Christmas or the end of the year?

I recommend frost or pigments for these holidays. These two materials highlight the eyes. Frost or pigments are always bright in color and add a party touch. Pigment is a thinner material that weighs less on the eyes. The frost must be used huega (glue) so that it does not transfer and spread on the face.

2. What mistakes do you think should not be made these days?

Some mistakes you shouldn't make is to sleep in your makeup after the holidays. The other is not so much a mistake, but a great tip that is very important to me, skin care. No matter how expensive or what brand make-up is, taking care of your skin type will give you a perfect result so that your skin looks radiant.

3. And beyond the parties, what 3 beauty tips would you share with our readers to achieve a makeup that works for us every day?

Have makeup remover wipes in your wallet.

  • Don't forget the lipstick to touch up at night.
  • Do not stop putting on your first for the type of skin you have. This will help them maintain makeup throughout the night. For oily skin, use a primer that will leave your face dull. And if they have a dry face, they need to use a first moisturizer in the form of a gel.
  • 4. What makeup products are not missing from your bag and why?

    In my bag there is never a lack of a lip moisturizer and my pink or nude lip gloss, a highlighter and an eyebrow pencil, and a spray moisturizer like rose water. These products are the ones that are necessary in my makeup routine for each day. Rose water can never stay. Leaves skin radiant all day.

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