Learn How To Identify The Harmful Ingredients In The Beauty Products You Use

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Learn How To Identify The Harmful Ingredients In The Beauty Products You Use
Learn How To Identify The Harmful Ingredients In The Beauty Products You Use
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We know that consumer concern about what ingredients are in the cosmetic products we are exposed to has led manufacturers to evaluate the formula of their products and try to make them healthier. Unfortunately, much remains to be done.

"The cosmetic industry has been involved in many scandals due to the use of ingredients that have been proven to affect human health, there are still too many beauty products that contain ingredients that can cause deadly diseases and health conditions," explained Joaquín Manuel. Vega, a Puerto Rican manicurist who due to this concern has created her own line of nail polishes, Joaquín Manuel Nail Polish Collection, rated 7 free, as they do not contain the 7 toxic chemicals that regular polishes contain and can cause harm to client health and nail techniques.

Vega explained to us that after studying the formula of many beauty products, especially nail polishes, she realized that cosmetic formulas are based on the pigments used as coloring agents by ancient peoples, which are now found prohibited because they are composed of dangerous substances.

For example:

White Lead: This is found in makeup for the face. It is used to give a pale color.

  • Red Phosphor: Used as a coloring to add a touch of color to the cheeks
  • Yellow Cinnabar (HgS): To give lip gloss.
  • Orpiment (As2S3): Contains eye shadows and is used to increase color intensity.
  • Stibinite (Sb2S3): In the mascara.

To these we add heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury and antimony, which, despite contributing to beauty, represented a health risk, Vega pointed out.

"I would like people to create more awareness about the harmfulness of these chemical products and above all to know that they are found in many beauty products such as: hair dyes, makeup such as shadows and lipsticks, nail polishes, which have caused damage to the health of those who consume them.

Unfortunately, Joaquín Manuel tells us, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) law only requires companies to withdraw products from the market once the number of consumers that have reported damage to your health.

However, if you are not sure how harmful the product you consume can be, I recommend you visit the FDA website, since there you will find several reports that warn of certain products for their possible harmful effects on health.

A good example of ingredients that while harmful the FDA allows to be used as preservatives in products around the eye, but in small amounts, is mercury. This metal can be used only in a very small amount that does not exceed 65 parts per million (ppm).

The FDA recommends a maximum level of 10 ppm of lead in lip cosmetic products (such as lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liner) and externally applied cosmetics (eyeshadow, shampoo, and body lotion).

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Lead acetate is allowed as an ingredient for hair coloring, but the product must be labeled with a caution statement.

Chromium is allowed for use as a color additive in externally applied cosmetics, there is no regulation limiting its use in cosmetics.

Toxic chemicals have also been found to be found in makeup formulas, such as methylisothiazolinone. It is present in 118 products tested, in Europe it is banned and yet in the US the FDA allows cosmetic companies to use it as an additive in small doses, but with limited supervision.

Given these published studies and reports, the manicurist's concern increased and he created his own formula. I made my enamels with the health of my clients and colleagues in mind. We are all exposed to these chemicals, but in manicurists it is constant and that worried me a lot because I personally suffered the consequences of exposure to these toxins.”

Enamels Joaquin Manuel Nail Polish Collection contains the seven major toxic chemicals found in other nail polish, such as:

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)



Formaldehyde resin




"On the other hand, our enamels do not contain added fragrances and all of our ingredients are FDA approved. They can be obtained by accessing www.joaquinmanuel.com”, pointed out Vega.

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