10 Basic Beauty Purposes For The New Year

10 Basic Beauty Purposes For The New Year
10 Basic Beauty Purposes For The New Year
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When we sit down to think about the purposes to fulfill in the new year, it is important that these are important for our personal, physical and spiritual improvement. However, many times we go too high and we forget the simplest ones, which is also important to fulfill. Here are some of them:

Establish a routine for the care of my skin

We usually spend the week applying makeup to our face. So it is important that you decide to take one of those 7 days to dedicate it faithfully to caring for your skin. "The daily hustle makes it necessary for you to take a little time out at least one day a week to give your skin a little love, using a mask to clean your skin deeply and make it feel fresher than ever," recommends the Alchemist. of beauty, Dr. Maribel Pedrozo.

Always use sunscreen.

"Make sunscreen the best ally for your skin," said Pedrozo. Try never to leave your house without applying sunscreen. “If you put on makeup, but you don't like applying sunscreen then, although it is not enough it is better than nothing, use beauty products that already have SPF in their formula so you do not leave your skin uncovered. With this discipline, your face over the years will thank you”.

Wash your brushes, sponges and brushes with which you apply makeup.

If you haven't thought about it, I want you to know that your utensils for applying makeup have to be washed regularly. The bacteria that build up in them when we don't clean them are countless. In addition, you alter the colors of the shadows, blush, base or any makeup that you apply with them. You can wash them with brush cleaner or with your makeup cleaner. You will notice the difference.

Experience a new style.

In this 2019, propose to dare to experiment with new colors or styles when grooming yourself. For example, apply that lip color that you like so much and you don't dare to wear. Maybe it's a new haircut. Dare yourself!

NEVER go to bed with makeup

As tired as you get home, never go to sleep without removing your makeup, it is important that you know that sleeping with makeup is one of the biggest causes of premature aging, wrinkles and acne. So now you know, when you arrive and want to throw yourself into bed, you better run to the bathroom and remove the makeup, you will sleep happier.

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Learn to identify harmful ingredients in the beauty products you use. Keep skin well moisturized

It is nothing new that well-hydrated skin is synonymous with freshness and youth. “I recommend to my clients that they keep a good moisturizer on their nightstand and apply it every night before bed. This does not mean that we will put aside our routine in the morning, which also has to have a boost of hydration before applying our makeup.

Getting used to NOT touching your face

It is nothing new that bacteria are a serious thing and are everywhere. "This is especially when we are prone to the acne condition. "Try to avoid touching a pimple that you have, no matter how much stress it causes you, better apply a product that helps you put an end to that agony. In the same way, when you have makeup, avoid touching yourself too much during the day because that can cause acne”, pointed out the facial care specialist.

Drink more water throughout the day.

I know you hear this a lot everywhere when it comes to healthy skin and overall good health. So if you don't, this is an important purpose that you must fulfill. Eliminate soft drinks and juices with too much sugar. Drink water. Always have a car bottle available in your office, wherever you are, to help you stay hydrated during the day. "The more water you consume, the better your skin, hair, and body will look and feel much better."

Identify what you want to highlight or hide on your face and learn how to apply makeup to achieve it.

Consult a makeup specialist about what you want to correct or highlight and learn how to do it. This, like everything, needs practice, so make a point of spending about 10 minutes a day to put into practice a technique that you want to perfect, so that you can improve it every time and manage to do it well. Watching videos on YOUTUBE can help you incredibly.

Give your hair a lot of love

Caring for your hair is easier than you think. This new year, try to remove one day a week and apply a mask to your hair according to what you need. You can already find many in the market that will make your hair recover its beauty, the good thing about these that you buy is that you can apply it and collect your hair and leave it for longer. However, if you have time, it is worth trying the different homemade recipes that help a lot to restore health to your hair.

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