How To Know Which Shampoo To Use According To Your Hair Type

How To Know Which Shampoo To Use According To Your Hair Type
How To Know Which Shampoo To Use According To Your Hair Type
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Every time I want to change my shampoo, to prevent hair from getting used to it, I go through the shelves of pharmacies or specialized stores and I don't know which one to decide on. I spoke about this confusion with Haime Camacho, a renowned Puerto Rican stylist at the Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, and he explained what we should consider before deciding on a shampoo for our hair.

“First, it is important for you to know that in order to have beautiful hair, we must keep it healthy. We all want beautiful hair, but getting it has a lot to do with the daily care we give it. The use of suitable products is essential to enhance your health and beauty. We cannot show beautiful hair if it is not healthy, "said Haime.

Now, let's start with:

Choose the correct shampoo according to our hair type and your needs.

  • If your hair is curly, frizz or frizz is what we want to combat. That is why it is important to choose a shampoo whose main property is moisturizing. Shampoos identified as curl hair generally include highly hydrating ingredients.
  • If your curls are very pronounced, you should avoid products that give extra volume, because you do not need them. In the event that you feel that your shampoo is not hydrating you enough, you can apply a little coconut oil to the bottle for the hair, the difference will make itself felt, allowing you to wear more pronounced and beautiful curls.
  • If you have straight hair, you usually lack volume. If this is your case, I recommend opting for shampoos to create volume. These also help to increase the body of the hair, making it look much better. EYE, avoid using conditioner, as this will make your hair lose volume.
  • If your hair is straight, but it is also greasy, the goal is to control the production of bait in the scalp, but always taking care not to overdo it, because you could end up drying your hair too much. "In this case it is important to buy a shampoo for fat control and alternate it with a shampoo for normal hair in the event that you wash your hair every day, in this way you will avoid it drying out. Use greasy hair four days a week and normal hair three days a week, "Camacho recommended. However, if you wash intermediate hair, then you can always use a shampoo for oily hair. Avoid washing your hair with too hot water, rather opt for cold water to increase shine and improve its appearance.
  • If you have dry, damaged or dyed hair, you should use special products for its care, that's why you should always choose a shampoo, conditioner and treatment that favors hydration and provides vitamins and nutrients to your hair. For this type of hair condition, I recommend products that contain ingredients such as almond oil, avocado or olive oil. If you have dyed hair, it is important that the shampoo preferably includes protection against UV / UVA rays.
  • For those hair that, regardless of their constitution, are facing a significant fall, all the products you apply must be special anti-hair loss products, not only shampoo but also conditioner, styling cream, ampoules, masks etc.
  • As for the products to create volume, it is important that you know that these provide volume and are usually useful for improving the body of the hair, but they do not stop hair loss, which is something that is also required. In these cases, it is better to go to professional dermatological products if you want to see better results. In addition, it is important to know how to eat to avoid hair loss, because what we eat has a significant influence on your health.
  • When it comes to purchasing hair treatment products, I recommend buying the best quality. Try to buy professional or semi-professional products and you will get very good results.

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