Female Hair Removal: The 9 Most Fashionable Looks

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Female Hair Removal: The 9 Most Fashionable Looks
Female Hair Removal: The 9 Most Fashionable Looks

Video: Female Hair Removal: The 9 Most Fashionable Looks

Video: Female Hair Removal: The 9 Most Fashionable Looks
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Here we share the latest looks in intimate hair removal that the market offers you. You dare?

We know that you will want to put on your swimsuit, baby doll or even your underwear every day with complete peace of mind and proud of the care you give to this area so essential to you, so we are going to talk about what it is about, from the classic Brazilian to Hollywood style, heart and airstrip.

1. Brazilian waxing, the most classic

Its final objective is to leave a fine strip of hair above the labia majora, so that when you put on your bikini you can walk freely or sunbathe without worry. It works like a finger ring if you love vaginal hair removal, but you don't want to give up pubic hair at all.

2. Waxing heart style

If you have a partner -and if not also- a fun way to express your attraction is to wear a heart-shaped wax under your panties. It is undoubtedly one of the most risky hair removals, but perfect to give your boy a surprise or if you are already bored of wearing the same as always.

3. Waxing Hollywood

Goodbye, fucks! The Hollywood style, total hair removal or full bikini is one of the most requested in spas or beauty centers. The ultimate goal is to remove any unwanted hair from the root.

Although the hairs on the body are part of the anatomy of the human being, some have more than others, it is women who usually get rid of them by their own decision and for the pleasure of their boy. A survey published by The Huffington Post found that 41% of men prefer women with full hair removal, 38% feel better about something short and groomed, and only 5% of surveyed men like it natural.

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4. Natural hair removal, but careful

Definitely for tastes, colors. It is possible that you are left with wearing a completely natural look, in which you let your pubic hair grow freely. Every month you shave it for maintenance and make it look feminine. Although some girls do not agree with not waxing, the truth is that not doing so protects you from infections and even from sexually transmitted diseases, you avoid suffering from irritation, itching and even wounds caused by dishwashers. In the end what matters is your comfort. It is your body and you do with it what you want!

5. Hair removal date style

It is possible to innovate even in intimate hair removal. You can imagine this design, as it leaves no room for misunderstandings, let alone beating around the bush. Get out of the monotony with this daring design that will surely get more than a smile from the person you show it to.

6. Triangle waxing

It is one of the most requested in beauty centers. Her procedure is to remove the hair that lies in the groin; that is, the one that stands out in the bikini area. It is perfect if you are short on time and need something quick to keep this area neat and discreet.

7. Hair removal with letters

"Until now I hear this one", you will say. I also! It turns out that in the alphabet you have 27 letters to choose your favorite. Either you choose the first initial of your name or to make it more fun the name of the boy with whom you have a relationship or you go out. You dare?

8. Mustache hair removal

If you leave a strip of hair horizontally, the end result will be that of a mustache or mustache. Of course, the entire area around must be fully shaved. If you like Brazilian hair removal, this style is ideal to combine both and not risk as much.

9. Waxing runway

It is one of the most innovative and funny, but also daring. It takes you out of the classic in minutes! Your intimate area will be decorated by two thin strips of hair around it and in the middle the hairs are completely removed. Around and in the middle the vellitos are completely removed. Now, only the pilot who wants to make his strategic stop is missing.

Of all these looks, which one would you use to change the appearance of your V zone?

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