Complete Routine To Regain The Health Of Your Skin After The Holidays

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Complete Routine To Regain The Health Of Your Skin After The Holidays
Complete Routine To Regain The Health Of Your Skin After The Holidays
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During this season, we usually think about how to enjoy all the invitations without altering our diet and especially without gaining weight. However, there is little talk about how we must take care of our skin so that it does not lose its freshness, despite the change in our routines and diets. This is due to the late nights, the consumption of food and alcohol and the short time to maintain our beauty routine.

Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, the alchemist of beauty, and who always keeps us up to date on how to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, gave us some recommendations. “This season we probably use more makeup than we usually do, maybe we don't have time to go to the appointment with our beautician or dermatologist regularly. This is why I recommend the following care.

It is important to know that the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and especially distilled beverages, reduce vitamin A levels, causing early skin aging and dryness. “Very important, as soon as they arrive at their homes they must remove their complete makeup. In general, if we do not hydrate well at night, the most common thing is to wake up the next day with dry skin, dark circles and swollen eyelids, so I recommend drinking water between each alcoholic drink, "added Pedrozo.

We must keep hydrating our skin

Alcohol and skin don't mix. Remember that alcohol dehydrates and excess makeup clogs the pores of the skin. I recommend using a good hydrating facial cream with hyaluronic acid to revitalize it and regain lost hydration. Apply layers massaging until all the product is absorbed.

Take care of the eye area

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, this also applies when we talk about beauty because they do not lie when we are tired, stay up late or we have exaggerated the consumption of alcohol or salt. “A good recommendation is patches that help calm and deflate the eyes. Ideal to place them in the morning once the skin has rested and leave them to act for a few minutes. Try to use those that contain hyaluronic acid and ingredients with painkillers, and others are hydrogel, which reduce the appearance of expression lines and smooth, giving a lifting effect.

If you tend to have dark circles

We know that they still do not allow us to hide when we have not rested enough. “It depends on the number of hours that everyone sleeps, the eyes will be more puffy. I recommend applying an ice roller. If you don't have one, you can apply this homemade tip: put a teaspoon in the fridge and then apply it to them.

Refresh your skin topically every time

If possible, carry a s pray with thermal water in your wallet to refresh the skin and provide nutrients. This tip is ideal for tired skin, as it has soothing and refreshing properties. These waters are made with agents that help hydrate and repair the epidermis naturally by the minerals it contains and those generated by the skin itself, better stimulate the body's oxygen.

Relaxing bath or tub

After a night of partying, nothing like taking a dip bath. With this you will combat the effects of the night out, will allow a better rest and will help to relax the muscles, clear the head and remove the remaining toxins. One of the new trends is the effervescent bath bombs, ideal for this type of bath, natural and with different aromas that are easily available.

Foods that detoxify you

The day after the night, starting with a detox breakfast is the best choice. Includes green tea, apple and celery smoothies, strawberries, grapes and beets instead of coffee. Opt for seasonal fruits to replace vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is important to reintegrate the water that the organism lost.

7. Schedule a visit to your beautician

Although these recommendations are very effective, they are not a substitute for visiting your beautician or dermatologist. The specialist will be able to help you with more intense treatments so that your skin does not diminish, despite the change in routine.

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