How To Choose Makeup Tones According To Your Skin Tone

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How To Choose Makeup Tones According To Your Skin Tone
How To Choose Makeup Tones According To Your Skin Tone

Video: How To Choose Makeup Tones According To Your Skin Tone

Video: How To Choose Makeup Tones According To Your Skin Tone
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Knowing how to make up is not only knowing how to apply blush, contour or eyeliner, it is also knowing which shades favor us the most according to our characteristics. For example, it is very important when choosing the blush to take into account our skin tone, this is important even to choose a hair color that we want to experience.

"We can be experts in makeup, this applies to makeup artists too, but if we do not know how to identify the colors that help us highlight or hide our features, we will not look as we wish," said Antonia Rutherford, celebrity makeup artist of the prestigious beauty salon in Miami Avant Garde Salon and Spa.

“Taking into account the skin tone is very important when choosing makeup, as it not only influences us to choose between one makeup base or another, but also to choose the rest that we will be applying; such as blush and lipstick, "added Rutherford.

In the world of makeup, three skin tones are identified: light, neutral or dark skin.

Clear skin

If you have fair skin, I recommend that you choose warm colors such as pastel pinks or peach tones for the cheeks. Avoid combining too many colors. You must maintain harmony with the colors you use in your eyes, your blush and your lip color.

Neutral skins

This is the skin tone, in terms of color intensity we can put it in the middle, you are not very white or very dark. If you fall into this group, you can choose the colors that you like the most, but just like the other skin tones when we choose the colors that we will apply to our eyes and lips, they should be in the same range of colors. Be very careful when applying your bronzing and highlighting powders to create volumes and depth on the face.

Dark skin

Darker toned leathers look great when applying metallic shades. We refer to the shades of bronze, gold. Bronzed finishes are your greatest allies when it comes to giving more light to your face. As for the blush, the most intense ones will suit you, from pinks to burgundies, so you should not be afraid to experiment with them.

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Now let's go to the different parts of the face:

"Eyes- When we talk about eyeshadow, choosing the most suitable for your eye color is the key to make your look stand out," added Antonia.

Blue eyes

For blue eye shades I recommend orange, brown, gold, peach and pink shades. These are colors that perfectly complement the blue of the iris, making it stand out much more. I also suggest applying the darker shades on the outside of the eyelid, and the lighter ones on the inside, glued to the tear. We finish by applying the mascara, with which we increase the expressiveness and intensity of the look.

"EYE: Avoid blue and green shades, as they will give the feeling that your eye color is duller," said the expert.

Green eyes

If your eyes are green, I recommend choosing shades in any of the mauve and violet ranges, including pinks. These shades perfectly complement your eye color and intensify green, making it stand out much more.

As with blue eyes, it is best to avoid green shades so that they do not collide with the green of the eyes, and apply the darkest tones to the outer third of the eye to give depth to the look.

Brown eyes

With brown eyes, use shades that highlight your dark eyes, such as gray, navy, brown, and black. Pastel colors or lighter shades will make your eyes look much less intense. Tip: try the metallic finish shades if you want to get the most out of your look.


In addition to the shades we choose for the base and eyeshadow, the shape of your lips also plays a very important role in choosing the shades that best suit them, as there are some that make our mouth look optically larger or vice versa.

Thick lips

If you have thick lips, you can wear any shade, both dark and light, and the finish you prefer; matte or glossy. However, if what we are looking for is to make them look less bulky, it is better to avoid intense and bright tones.

Thin lips

For thinner lips I recommend light colors that reflect light, to give a feeling of greater volume, OJO avoids matte finishes. Don't overuse darker shades like garnets, violets, or blacks either, as they also have that lip-tightening effect.

However, if you like those shades, then I recommend that you learn to outline the lips slightly outside the contour, and thus add a few more millimeters to our mouth, and apply a touch of gloss in the center of the lips to make them look more large by the reflection of light.

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