How To Choose The Perfect Color For Your Hair According To Your Skin Tone

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How To Choose The Perfect Color For Your Hair According To Your Skin Tone
How To Choose The Perfect Color For Your Hair According To Your Skin Tone
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To many of us it happens that we see our favorite celebrity with some hair color and immediately we run to look for the tone and apply it, without first evaluating if that color is perfect for us according to our skin tone

"When we like a hair color, before applying it we must consider whether that color will make us look better," said Haime Camacho, a stylist specialized in color at the Avant Garde Salon and Spa in the city of Miami. "For this we must take into account our skin color, eye color, our features and, with some colors, also age. This is because hair color can make those details look better or worse if we do not choose the most suitable one, "added Haime.

Analyze your skin tone

We can identify three categories: warm, cool and neutral.

If your skin is pink and olive, your tone is cold.

  • If it is yellow and gold, your tone is warm.
  • If you have a mixture of the above, your skin is neutral.

“Now, to play it safe, check the veins on your wrists: if they are blue or purple, your skin tone is cold; if they are green, you are warm”Camacho explained.

Consider your eye color

If you have gold spots on the irises of your eyes , your skin tone is warm. If you have blue or green eyes, you have a cold tone.

Identify a celebrity with characteristics similar to yours

Find someone with skin tone and eyes similar to yours. It will give you a much better idea of ​​what the tone will actually look like. Remember, these celebrities spend a lot of money looking for their best look.

How to choose the perfect color to highlight your features

"Choose a tone opposite to the tones of your skin," said Haime. By this I mean that if your skin has a warm tone, you should opt for a colder color, and vice versa. If you have neutral skin, everything looks good on you, so you are very lucky to choose the color you want.

Here the tones, according to the above

Cold Blond: Platinum, Ash, Ice, Silver, Beige, Champagne, Sand.

If your eye color is blue or gray, ash blonde is perfect.

Warm blonde: Gold, caramel, amber, honey.

  • Cold red: Natural redhead, burgundy, dark brown.

If your skin is olive, forget about red. Since it can make your skin look excessively green in contrast.

Warm red: Strawberry blonde, copper, amber, rust, reddish. Read more gallery

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Warm red works to counteract the cold tones of pale skin.

Cold brown: Dark chocolate, chestnut, dark brown, mocha.

The cooler shades of brown may seem especially eye-catching for women with warm skin, as they help make the yellow shades appear creamier.

Warm brown: Caramel, honey, golden brown, amber, cinnamon.

Caramel browns match best with olive skin tones, yellow and green tones. This color is perfect if your base is naturally dark.

Cold Black: Pure Black, Licorice, Bluish Black.

If your skin is warmer or neutral tones, it will give you a dramatic porcelain effect on the complexion. Same if your skin is olive colored. If your skin is too light, the cold black will excessively harden your features.

Warm black: Dark mocha, brown-black, chocolate.

If your skin is a cold tone and you like dark tones, this color is perfect for you.

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