Valentine's Day: Red Nails And Makeup

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Valentine's Day: Red Nails And Makeup
Valentine's Day: Red Nails And Makeup
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Unquestionably when we talk about Valentine's Day, we think of the color red. We like to put on makeup, dress up or show off our red nails. And is that red is a color that has no specific season, age, or style; Anyway, we can all use some shade of red and it will always look good.

However, "it is important to know which shade of red and with what we combine it when we talk about makeup," explained Antonia Rutherford, celebrity makeup artist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami.

“For me, a good Valentine's makeup must include a red lipstick. We just need to identify the perfect shade for you, be it matte or glossy, with shades of red ranging from soft raspberry shades to more magnetic wine reds. Inspiration for Valentine's Day comes with makeup ideas with red lips, "added Antonia.

Now, according to the expert, we must be aware that if you are one of those who never makeup, you will feel very strange with your lips painted a powerful red. For these cases I suggest that you apply a very natural makeup, that is;

Start by applying a BB Cream with color,

  • very soft blush and mascara, and
  • She wears a faint red lip shade to add just some color.

If, on the contrary, you are used to putting on makeup, Rutherford suggested:

Apply the foundation and the blush according to your skin tone.

  • Then the eyeliner. To create a classic retro look, I recommend outlining cat eyes.
  • As for the eyeshadows, I bet on the golden tones. This is a perfect combination: gold on the eyes and red on the lips. Thus you will be able to illuminate your gaze and draw attention to your lips.
  • If you prefer the smokey eye, smoky eyes, Rutherford tells us that "for a more glamorous evening look, I combine red lips with a bright touch or glitter with smoky eye makeup."

Now, once identified the perfect makeup for Valentine's Day with red as the protagonist, we turn to the nails.

Although it is not mandatory on the Day of Love, it is very attractive that we combine the color of our lips with that of our nails. Especially when there are red nail polishes that make our nails look spectacular.

"Personally, I think that applying the color of the lipstick to match that of your nails is something that looks very sophisticated and feminine," said Joaquín Manuel, creator of the line of nail polishes 7 free Joaquin Manuel Nail Polish Collection. “They say that blondes feel very good about red; however, those with darker or tanned skin also look great with red on their nails. I recommend the Mom Dushi color from our collection, this is red that looks good on any skin tone,”added Joaquín Manuel.

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Red on short nails

You don't need to have long nails to show them off with a red nail polish. You can even consider some decoration. Perhaps one with a white heart on the red base.

Take advantage of your beautiful short nails to decorate them with some of the fashionable colors, or of course, with details that will make them stand out even more for a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day”.

Now, if you prefer to wear some other color, I recommend the following shades that we can also identify as colors to celebrate the Day of Love.

“Although classic colors such as red can never fail us when it comes to painting and decorating our nails, and more when it comes to an occasion such as Valentine's Day, others are the tones that seem to prevail for 2019 and among them the tones neutrals, as well as those that include some type of shine”, mentioned the expert.

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