Easy Hairstyles To Do With Your Iron

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Easy Hairstyles To Do With Your Iron
Easy Hairstyles To Do With Your Iron
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How to manage to comb your hair straightener in different ways and look like a professional?

We all have an iron at home, that's why we want to show you easy hairstyles that you can do with this tool, beyond the straightening of your mane.

Before that, it is extremely important to tell you about the care you have to take when using a hair straightener to avoid burning or becoming very dry.

1.Invest in a good iron

If you want to walk with a quality hairstyle without having to pay for whims in the beauty salon, you need a quality instrument preferably with ceramic plates and adjustable temperature. This type of iron is expensive, yes, but it does not damage your hair as the cheapest ones do.

2. Never iron your wet hair

Why not? Heat and humidity dry out, causing split ends. Although now the technology and packaging of the new plates indicate that it includes the protection to do it, better not risk it.

3. The use of heat shield is mandatory

Experts recommend applying it when you still have wet hair to facilitate its distribution and maximum protection, it also applies the spray to about 20 or 30 centimeters, in this way you guarantee a uniform coverage that will protect the hair without weighing it down, choose one that best suits your needs like shine and smoothing.

After applying the heat protector, gently comb your hair with a wide-bristled comb to better distribute the product.

4. Never use oils for flat ironing

The reason is simple, it is as if you are “cooking” your hair. It's okay to apply it later, not before.

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5. Apply moisturizing masks

Do it once a week to avoid the heat making your hair too dry. It turns out that when you apply temperature, your cuticle weakens, making it vulnerable and even to heat sources such as UV rays. To avoid contributing to that damage, don't use metal combs and hairpins.

6. Never subject your hair to high temperatures

If you have fine hair, use low temperature; if it is thick, then an average temperature.

7. Never pass the iron twice through the same lock

Because you apply double doses of heat and that does not guarantee that you will style it faster, another reason to buy a good quality iron. The correct technique to iron your hair is to iron slowly using pressure. Just one time!

Clear in all these tips, it is time to learn to take advantage of your hair straightener using it in these easy hairstyles and that will make you look different every day.

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