Avoid Cellulite With A Good Diet

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Avoid Cellulite With A Good Diet
Avoid Cellulite With A Good Diet
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If you are in a constant fight against cellulite and have undergone cosmetic treatments and still do not see the results you expect, I want you to know that the difference you will see when you eat the right way

“Although it sounds 'clichoso', we really are what we eat. Beauty treatments must go hand in hand with correct nutrition. When we say correct, it is consuming the foods that help us avoid the different problems on our skin,”says Leonella González, creator of Health Living by Leonella, who specializes in educating us on how to feed ourselves according to our physical and mental goals..

"To understand what I am going to explain, we must know what cellulite is and why it appears," González began.

Cellulite is a disorder that affects the skin and the tissues closest to it, characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue. It manifests itself with the classic "orange peel" or with lumps and holes in the affected areas, the most frequent being hips, thighs and buttocks, although they can also be arms and abdomen in more serious cases.

EYE, cellulite is not associated with the presence of overweight, although it can be caused by genetic factors, inflammatory or vascular disorders in the shallower layer of skin or hypodermis.

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How does the correct diet help us?

Because it does not have a precise cause, we must be clear that cellulite cannot be cured with diet, but it can be greatly improved and reduced with a good diet accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

What we are sure of is that foods that promote fluid retention such as salt, alcohol or excess sugar can favor the development of cellulite, while others that cause the opposite effect can help favoring, among other things, blood circulation.

What foods should we consume?

Water: it is key for the body to maintain a good general metabolism, but above all, to avoid or reverse fluid retention that can cause vascular problems and also be the direct cause of cellulite.

  • Fruits and vegetables: they are foods rich in water, low in sodium by nature and high in potassium, all of which is favorable for good blood circulation. In addition, they offer vitamins with an antioxidant effect that at the cellular level can reduce stress and help prevent, among other things, alterations in the hypodermis that can cause cellulite. I suggest consuming a minimum of five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Nuts and seeds: they are rich in vitamin E and good fats for the organism that together have different cosmetic effects by acting as antioxidants and promoting blood circulation.
  • Ginger: it is a food with high content of potassium and its anti-inflammatory effect on the body that can be of great help to reduce cellulite. In addition, it can have a diuretic effect and help prevent fluid retention. You can consume it as a condiment, in cream or in tea.
  • Blue fish: it is rich in omega 3, a type of fats good for the body that, among other things, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation, which is why its consumption is adequate to prevent or improve cellulite.

These are some foods that can help us fight cellulite; however, this must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle; that is, together with exercising regularly and without toxic habits to achieve the best results.

If you still do not have a sign of cellulite, adopt this type of diet and lifestyle and you will not have it. "It is important to be proactive and better to avoid than to have to remedy," said Leonella.

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