Keep Your Nails In Style With The New Colors For Spring-Summer

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Keep Your Nails In Style With The New Colors For Spring-Summer
Keep Your Nails In Style With The New Colors For Spring-Summer

When we talk about seasonal color trends, we need to be clear that we can identify each season with some colors that resurface each year to identify trends. However, Joaquín Manuel, creator of the Joaquín Manuel 7 Free Nail Polish Collection line of enamels, explains that this is only a guide, since it is important to take into account our skin tone, nail shape, nail length, lifestyle and, above all, our personality when we are going to choose the colors that we are going to use.

About what we will see this Spring-Summer 2019 season, Joaquín Manuel tells us: “This season is identified with the coral color, but beware, the range of colors is very extensive. In the María María collection of our line we have included bright, vivid colors, but we also continue with the nude line and especially the reds. These colors are classic and do not go out of style, "said the expert.

For this season we will have a mix between the most discreet and soft styles and those exuberant and striking that will not leave anyone indifferent, so you can find a little something for all tastes and that combine with the personality of each.

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On the other hand, “the designs are still in vogue, this time combining these colors with geometric figures, we will see many lines. We will continue to see applications with three-dimensional effects in the spring-summer season in 2019. Glitters, imitations of jewelry or other applications will see everything that gives the nail a texture and a luxurious effect,”added Joaquín Manuel.

Nail trends spring-summer in 2019

Coral tones

The Pantone Institute, where color trends are determined, has identified coral shades as the color for this season. That is why in our collection we achieve the María María color formula, the name of this collection as well. "This is a lively and lively shade that inspires good energy for a smooth finish."

The Reds

Lady on Fire or Mom Dushi, from our line, gives it an elegant and sexy touch. “With the color red we are always on the safe side, and it continues to be a trend season after season.

The nude

Nude shades do not go out of style. Remember me, Secret Love, by Joaquin Manuel 7 Free Collection, achieves that naked effect on the nail that makes them look fine and delicate.

Blue, green, yellow

These colors take a lot of strength this season, the blues, greens, yellows. “I recommend Deep Water, inspired by the depths of the sea and if you want it with a shade more towards gray, try Mrs. Discipline. Dare and fill yourself with the breeze of these colors”, emphasized the expert in hand and foot care. The color yellow, a happy and very chic bet and light green is an excellent option to include these colors in your manicure.

The metallic

If you do not think it is your style, then incorporate it into designs giving it a delicate and simple metallic touch.

The whites

Summer is the perfect time to show off the white color in all its splendor, since it is a tone that stands out much more with the tan. "White Balloon is the bet in our Mom Dushi collection, since it is a white that looks good on every nail length."

Deep colors

These will also be seen a lot this season. "Baby Lion, Geisha Night will give you that seductive and daring touch, but with an elegant touch."

The roses

If you want an alternative to nude, you should consider pink, light or dark tones, this according to your taste and skin tone. "You can try The Queen Honey, My First Diamond."

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