Why Hair Needs Amino Acid-based Treatments To Stay Healthy

Why Hair Needs Amino Acid-based Treatments To Stay Healthy
Why Hair Needs Amino Acid-based Treatments To Stay Healthy
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When the renowned stylist and makeup artist Haime Camacho, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, recommended me to do the Pure Brazilian treatment based on amino acids, I was surprised that the base of this treatment is a variety of amino acids that the hair has and that with over the years or due to the chemical processes to which we subject our hair, it is lost, so it is important to produce it through artificial processes.

"This treatment has gained strength for a cosmetic purpose because it has been proven to help recover hair and prevent hair loss. In general, people know or request keratin-based treatment because it is only becoming known how important it is to provide our hair and scalp with the dose of amino acids that is needed for it to produce keratin and allow it to grow. It is very important to put yourself in expert hands because if these are not supplied correctly to the cells of the hair follicles, the level of keratin production will be reduced or lose strength, causing baldness or gray hair, "Camacho pointed out.

Regarding Pure Brazillian, Haime specified that this is a smoothing system, that is, it softens, nourishes and combats frizz in our hair, by providing us with 18 different amino acids, making it the product with the highest amount of these nutrients in the market.

On the benefits, Camacho pointed out the following:

Seal the cuticle.

  • Eliminate frizz.
  • Hair dries faster, which decreases heat exposure from drying tools.
  • Increase shine.
  • It gives more strength to the hair.
  • It stimulates hair growth.
  • Rebuild the strand.
  • Prevents split ends from splitting.

Another great advantage that the expert pointed out is the following: “With this treatment you do not have to wait 3 days or more to wash your hair, with the Pure Brazilian when drying your hair, the treatment automatically penetrates the hair because the chemistry arises with the heat. So ironing is done several times per strand. It is very important to emphasize that the product is not a keratin, keratins are protein-based (excess protein breaks the hair and makes it hard) something that does not happen with this amino acid-based treatment. I must also make it clear that it is not a smoothing or anticurl either. The treatment is truly excellent for your hair, "emphasized Camacho, who is also an educator in the application of this treatment.

On how to prolong the effect and how often we should apply it, the expert educator recommended us to use the complete line of Pure Brazilian hair care.

About the frequency I always recommend every 5 or 6 months or depending on the condition of the hair. Obviously if you follow the steps below, it may take longer.


Sulfate-free products.

  • Periodically apply the Pure Brazilian Deep Condition Masque mask, specially created to increase the duration of the effect.
  • Avoid wetting hair in the sea or pool. Remember that we are in the process of restoring hair, so avoid salty or chlorinated water, as its active ingredients remove the effect.

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