Discover How Your Personality Is According To The Features Of Your Face

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Discover How Your Personality Is According To The Features Of Your Face
Discover How Your Personality Is According To The Features Of Your Face

Video: Discover How Your Personality Is According To The Features Of Your Face

Video: Discover How Your Personality Is According To The Features Of Your Face
Video: 7 Things Your Face Says About Your Personality According To Science 2023, April

Are you sociable, dreamy or selfish? To find out you need to stand in front of a mirror and figure out the shape of your face, eyes, nose and mouth. Start now!

Face shape

Round: If you are a girl with this type of face, you will agree with me that you have the power to push. That means that you are always ready to start new projects with initiative. Your adaptability is phenomenal, sometimes you win, but sometimes you do not have the expected success. You learn from everything and you don't let yourself be overcome. You run away from problems.

Oval: Imagining is your thing. You are a dreamy and highly creative woman. That's how you are?

Square: You are a very focused person, as you analyze all the scenarios before making a final decision. You are a born leader.

Rectangular: How wonderful! You have an attitude of self-confidence that anyone wants. Your friends identify you as a faithful person, capable of giving good advice, offering your shoulder when they have a difficult situation …

Triangle: If you noticed that your face has this figure, you have to know that this feature gives you signs such as: you have intuition and great mental speed. Your power of attraction is the maximum.


Previously we talked about what the color of your eyes says about your personality, but today we have to decipher what its shape reveals about them. Let's see!

Small and large: Without a doubt the eyes are the reflection of your feelings and those women who have them small have to be very proud because they define themselves as active and very intelligent people. While those who have them big and captivating, are sincere, dreamy and have a dose of selfish. A little nothing more!

Macaroons: This type of eyes are beautiful. They are so called because their shape resembles almonds. If you have them, you are sensitive and faithful.

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The way you clench your fists reveals personality traits

Fallen: Are you one of them or do you know someone with droopy eyes? From them you have to know that they are people who expect to be accepted, who speak to them with the truth and are characterized by being honest.

Orientals: They have the ability to perceive.

Sunken: They have a critical eye, intelligence and character.

Saltones: You are receptive and a little scandalous.

The shape of your nose

If you are proud of your small nose, it will make you happier to know that that attribute of yours means that you enjoy life to the fullest. If it is rather broad, it is because you have determination.

On the other hand, girls with delicate noses are noble, they offer respect to couple relationships and breastfeed difficulties.

The columbines, or rather with a small protuberance in the center of the nose, are women with sensuality and their eroticism is explosive. They are direct; that is, they say things head-on.

As for the long ones, they are people of their word. They do things just as they say.

And those with straight noses, order prevails in their lives at all times. True?

The lips

Are yours thick or thin? The lips are one of the parts that women like you spend the most time on. They take care of the wind, the sun … And it's not for less, they give you the opportunity to experience sensations.

Those with thin lips are those women who have clarity to express and think; and those with thick and sensual lips, greater organization and are sociable.

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