How To Take Advantage Of Spring To Have Beautiful Skin

How To Take Advantage Of Spring To Have Beautiful Skin
How To Take Advantage Of Spring To Have Beautiful Skin
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We could say that spring is one of the best times of the year because the low temperatures begin to go away, the heat is still not so intense, the bright colors in fashion begin; Anyway, even the mood is different. However, this beautiful season of the year also has its cons and the care of our skin is different from any other season.

“Although we may not pay attention to it, the change in the environment causes alterations in our epidermis, such as dryness and changes in our skin tone. In addition, it is in this period when some dermatological problems, such as psoriasis, are aggravated, "specified the specialist doctor in facial care Maribel Pedrozo, The beauty alchemist, owner of Biobell Oriental MedSpa in Miami.

On this Pedrozo gave us some very good recommendations.

Because the sun's rays are hitting more strongly now than in winter, you will need to use a total screen protection factor, remember that you should make sunscreen your best ally. Thus, you will avoid facial blemishes and early wrinkles.

  • If you live in cities where winter is extreme, you must combat the dryness caused by the low winter temperatures, applying creams with emollient and moisturizing components. This type of cosmetics will prevent our skin from losing water.
  • In this season, take advantage to practice outdoor sports, in this way you will be eliminating in a healthy way, in addition to helping you keep your body and immune system strong. Don't forget to stay hydrated, especially when you exercise outdoors.
  • I recommend increasing the consumption of vitamins through food, which will help us take care of our skin. This time it is easier thanks to the variety of delicious seasonal fruits. For example, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, A, and folic acid. Cherries are other red fruits that appear at the end of spring and contain a high percentage of vitamins A, B, C and E.
  • Applying cleansing and moisturizing masks is another skin care that you can implement in the spring, as well as being one of the easiest ways to renew facial skin. I recommend applying a hydrating mask after an exfoliation, which should be gentle, since this increases its benefits and you will be preparing your skin for these changes.
  • You must maintain your usual beauty treatment. Maybe you should increase your visits to the beautician or dermatologist to prepare your skin and be sure that it is ready to receive the summer.

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5 natural and cheap ways to close open pores Ask your beautician for a variety of treatments to hydrate your skin and keep your skin healthy. There are very good treatments that will help you maintain healthy skin, as well as serums, applying vitamin C, and above all, your sunscreen.

  • Another benefit of this season is that we do not need as much makeup because the sun is responsible for giving us the glow in our skin tone. So I recommend that you completely change your usual makeup. During this season, the skin needs to breathe more, so it is advisable to use light makeup bases and avoid the use of powders that can clog the pores. One trick is to use a colored sunscreen or BB Cream, which are so fashionable.
  • Try to use preservative-free cleaners. During this season, I recommend cleaning the face with a milk or cleansing gel without preservatives, dyes or emulsifiers.
  • Don't forget your hands. Although we have talked about the care of our face, all our skin is important and the hands are very exposed to inclement weather, so do not forget to apply sunscreen and keep them hydrated just like you do with your facial care.

If you follow these tips, you will be ready to wait for the summer with a brighter skin, free of impurities and prepared to properly receive the rays of the sun, which will show off a face with more life and color, increasing with this your natural glow.

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