How To Get More Volume In Your Hair

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair
How To Get More Volume In Your Hair
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If you are already tired of the extensions, but you want to have voluminous, full-bodied and healthy hair, we have some recommendations from the hair care expert and celebrity makeup artist of Avant Garde Salon and Spa, in Miami, Haime Camacho.

“Clients have been asking for looks that make them look like they have thick hair, but unfortunately some have very fine hair and this makes it a little more complicated. However, not everything is lost because there are treatments, products and haircuts that help us please them and they leave happy with beautiful hair, "said Haime.

Let's talk about the different special products for fine hair. It is important for them to understand that fine hair is made up of a fine cuticle, which means that it is not as compact as thicker hair.

As for the ingredients of the products, "people with fine hair should avoid those that contain silicone, " said Haime. Shampoos and masks created for this type of hair should be used, which should not add weight so that the hair is loose.

  • Apply softener to prevent breakage, fine hair tends to be very brittle.
  • Avoid washing your hair with very hot water.
  • A trick to get some volume is to give the last wash of the hair upside down and roll it in a towel. This makes it dry with the root raised and looks fuller.
  • Apply a root volumizer, these products strengthen and thicken the root, giving the desired volume in a natural way without having to use scandalous carded, with which, by the way, it also breaks a lot of hair, especially if it is very fine
  • Another trick is to dry it upside down when drying. Also, while you dry it, massage it and fuss with your hands to all sides so that it acquires maximum volume.
  • The perfect cut is the "bob". This style is ideal for this type of hair because being so long it has no weight, making the hair look more natural and with movement.

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Easy hairstyles to do with your iron (VIDEOS) But if you want to wear a mane, then a good idea is the cuts with layers on top. EYE, I recommend cutting the tips every three months and using a good mask.

  • For medium-sized hair, in addition to the top layers, the ideal is to make a texturization at the root, leaving small internal strands about 3 cm in length.
  • Apply color: Another way to make your hair look voluminous is to get highlights or a bath of color. Apply clear reflections on the top of the head and around the face, this gives the visual effect of light and volume. In addition, the color and henna baths create a film around the hair, making it look thicker and acquire texture.
  • The wave look does not go out of style. You can do them with curl iron, although the truth is that, with fine hair, the use of appliances with direct heat can be dangerous, handle it carefully and do not abuse.
  • Texturize the hair with a foam or spray and then dry the hair down, shaping it with your fingers. You can also do braids with wet hair. A few hours later the result will be perfect.

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