AirTouch: The New Hair Coloring Technique To Make It Look Elegant And With Volume

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AirTouch: The New Hair Coloring Technique To Make It Look Elegant And With Volume
AirTouch: The New Hair Coloring Technique To Make It Look Elegant And With Volume
Video: AirTouch: The New Hair Coloring Technique To Make It Look Elegant And With Volume
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When it comes to looking more beautiful, we can say that every day we have new alternatives to help us highlight our natural beauty, and why not? fix what we don't like

When talking about options to take care of our hair, nothing is more important than giving our hair to a true professional and expert in styling. This is why we consulted the renowned stylist Marcelo Martínez from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami about the new AirTouch hair coloring technique.

“This technique helps make the hair look more voluminous, elegant, and natural. It is a color transition that restores shine to hair and eliminates the trend of a single color. Plus, it allows hair to shed in hundreds of shades with seamless transitions between them. It is an elegant and fresh solution that will make your hair look fabulous and modern, "said Marcelo.

How is this technique performed?

This is a coloration that occurs in several stages.

First, all the hair is divided into strands and blown with a hair dryer. Thus, in each strand approximately half of the product is lost.

  • Each strand is then wrapped in film or aluminum foil. Another option is a cotton roller liner underneath the strands to prevent hair from mixing. Then the magic begins!
  • The stylist applies paint with a light touch from the roots and blends the transition lines with a dry brush. This is how magic dyes and shine are created in hair.

It is important to reserve a minimum of half a day for the procedure. But the result is definitely worth it! Once applied, the effect can last at least 6 months. Many girls manage to maintain this beauty throughout the year.

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How to care for freshly colored hair?

Immediately afterwards get a good low PH shampoo. Preferably use professional products designed for colored hair.

  • Periodically use treatments such as a mask for colored hair. Visit your favorite beauty salon and request hydration hair treatments.
  • If you use a hair dryer, iron or curl, don't forget the thermal protection. Colored hair is very exposed to the chemical effect of the dye, so they need more care.
  • A terrible enemy for colored hair is hot water. Therefore, when you wash your hair, use water at room temperature or a little colder.
  • What are the benefits of this technique?

    "The AirTouch hair dye technique has several advantages," Martinez explains below:

    If the hair doesn't have enough volume, and looks lifeless, it will change noticeably and shine with new colors.

    • Such coloring makes the image more interesting and fresh. It will make you look younger and more attractive.
    • You don't have to touch it up so often because the AirTouch looks natural and with growth it seems like a colorist's idea.
    • There is no age limit for AirTouch. The technique looks good on a young woman as well as an adult woman.
    • It does not matter the color and the structure of the hair. The stylist must know how to use the technique according to the hair.
    • The effect is natural and adapts perfectly to any image and in any situation.
    • AirTouch looks great on both dark and light hair. This effect can be reproduced on brown hair, the result is also amazing.

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