Should You Cut Your Hair Before Summer? Myths And Truths

Should You Cut Your Hair Before Summer? Myths And Truths
Should You Cut Your Hair Before Summer? Myths And Truths
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We know that you love your hair and that you try to do everything to take care of it. Among the thousands of tips that abound on how to keep it healthy, the most common is to cut it every so often. However, is it true that we must cut it before summer begins? What methods should we follow to take care of it? Here we reveal all the truths and myths … ready?

Hair grows more in spring: TRUTH

Spring and autumn are the times in which our hair grows the most, so it is recommended to cut it during these seasons. However, after the cut you should follow a routine of general care and the tips to keep it beautiful and in good condition.

I don't need to take care of my hair in summer: MYTH

The sun, pollution, sea salt, sweat … are just some of the components that cause your hair to be more exposed to damage and make your hair look lifeless. Using the ideal shampoo for your hair and a good mask three times a week will make the difference between healthy and damaged hair.

I must cut the tips to keep it healthy: TRUTH

If we take into account that hair grows one centimeter per month, the ideal to maintain the shape of your cut and the health of the ends is to cut it every two months. Keep in mind that in summer you go out more on the street, which exposes you to pollution and you probably go to swimming pools or the beach, which can also open your ends.

Cutting hair saves my coloring: TRUE

Think about this: you have painted your hair and over time you have lost a bit of coloring from the middle to the ends. You can achieve a more uniform color effect by cutting the stretch with less color, although this can be quite a bit.

Sun rays do not harm hair: MYTH

In case you did not know, the sun's rays also damage your hair, which causes you to opt for bob cuts in autumn. To take care of it you can use capillary sunscreens that you find in presentations of oils, sprays and creams. Try to make it ideal for your hair type since some are more greasy than others. There are also some that promote hair growth.

It is bad to wash your hair every day: MYTH

This point depends a lot on your hair type and the climate in which you live. Although washing hair every other day is recommended more during winter and for people with dry hair, the truth is that girls with oily hair cannot go a whole day without washing it. Even dry shampoo isn't enough to balance that extra scalp fat, so don't feel bad about washing it every day.

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