Balajazh: The Most Coloring Technique For Light Brown Hair

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Balajazh: The Most Coloring Technique For Light Brown Hair
Balajazh: The Most Coloring Technique For Light Brown Hair
Video: Balajazh: The Most Coloring Technique For Light Brown Hair
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The great advantage of hair color techniques is that each time they achieve beautiful effects while still looking natural. Even products are no longer as harmful because of the trend towards more organic products

Who has not heard of the balayage, ombré, and b aby highlights techniques, among others? Well, I tell you that now you can ask your stylist for the new balayazh color.

How is the balayazh different from the others mentioned above? We spoke with Haime Camacho from Avant Garde Salon and Spa to help us understand more about this technique and find out if this is what we want for our new look.

Firstly, this technique is to be applied on light brown and medium length hair. Since what is sought is to give the strands a new fusion of tones that harmoniously complements the haircut.

EYE, it is recommended for blonde or light brown hair.

How is the balayazh technique on blonde hair?

Single-tone hair coloring is long gone. The trend that is here to stay is to combine several shades that harmoniously complement the natural color of the strands.

We have seen this with the techniques that we previously named and now with the balayazh. "The latter is one with which maximum 'naturalness' can be achieved," Haime explained.

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“We can say that this technique is already popular with women of different ages and tastes. However, we must insist that the balayazh is best done on light brown hair. " "We know that light curls can sometimes appear dull, but thanks to this technique, the hair takes on beautiful shades of brown and looks amazing," added Camacho.

The technique of dyeing balayazh is produced in a special way. The dye is applied to the hair from top to bottom, with swing movements. This is the smoothest method of painting strands and does not require frequent salon visits for correction. At the same time, it significantly transforms the appearance.

There are several options for designing the transition from one color to another. It can be a smooth, barely noticeable, or very light gradient. They can paint only the tips or the entire length; It all depends on what type of image you want to create. It can be a natural transition or a noticeable change of various shades.

Balayazh for brown hair

If they have gray or blue eyes, and blonde, colored or natural hair, I recommend applying the balayazh technique in the following shades: wheat, any type of blonde, gold, mother of pearl, copper, caramel or coffee.

For people with dark skin and brown eyes, I recommend ginger colors. Mixing them together you get an unusual palette that will ideally combine with light brown highlights. You can also consider caramel and chocolate tones.

For light-skinned people with gray and bluish-gray eyes, the most popular shades are ash. I generally recommend using all ash tones as well as gray.

Now, if you really want to change the look but are afraid of changes, you should visit your favorite beauty salon and consult a specialist for advice.

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