Tips To Keep Your Nails Perfectly Groomed During The Summer

Tips To Keep Your Nails Perfectly Groomed During The Summer
Tips To Keep Your Nails Perfectly Groomed During The Summer

Taking time out during the summer to maintain our beauty routine is sometimes a bit tricky. However, it is important that we do not abandon the habit of staying well presentable, even if it is summer and we feel like walking more naturally.

When we asked the expert manicurist Joaquín Manuel Vega, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, about what he recommends to us so that our nails stay groomed even while on vacation, he commented that keeping nails manicured doesn't have to be a complication, at On the contrary, it is a good excuse to make time for us and give us love.

On the other hand, Joaquín Manuel began by warning us that to simplify the care of our nails during this season, we must first be practical and follow these recommendations:

Apply a long-lasting enamel:

Ask your manicurist about these, since almost all salons have a range of colors and brands. These enamels have a duration of 3 or 4 weeks regardless of the manipulation with water and sand, since it is done with a gel product and its application is simple, since the process is the same as in any common manicure.

Use acrylic nails:

Acrylic is an extremely durable material and, although you should touch up growth every 2 weeks, the enamel on acrylic nails does not detract.


It is recommended to use colors (gel) within the group of nude. Maintaining these colors is easy, since growth is not as obvious as with dark colors.

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Nails need to breathe: truth or myth?If you are going to do it yourself:

Keep in mind that fixing our nails ourselves is not complicated, but we must know how to do it. For example, when you are going to file them you must do it in one direction and using the 240 grain files, the least aggressive ones.

Take care of your cuticles:

Smooth and condition them constantly. Remember that this is the part of "dead" skin that surrounds the nail. If you don't like to cut it, you should then push it back with an orange stick.

Stay hydrated:

Hydration is essential to maintain beautiful nails. For this you will have to drink large amounts of water and follow a balanced diet. You can also complement it with moisturizers based on vitamin E and essential oils that you will have to apply to your enameled nails.

If you decide to change the enamel yourself:

Very important, use a polish remover without acetone, this ensures that you are not doing damage to your natural nails.

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