How To Highlight Your Beautiful Tan With The Perfect Makeup

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How To Highlight Your Beautiful Tan With The Perfect Makeup
How To Highlight Your Beautiful Tan With The Perfect Makeup
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We know that looking tan gives us a healthy and jovial look. However, today we must protect ourselves more than ever from those rays that are what give us that tan color that we like so much

It is important to keep in mind that although we must use sunscreen on all parts of the body that we expose to the sun, it is the face that we must protect the most. This is due to many reasons, such as avoiding wrinkles, blemishes, and other negative effects that UV rays have on our skin.

Therefore, we must learn to apply makeup so that the tan is even with the body without sacrificing the health and appearance of our facial skin.

We spoke with Antonia Rutherford, an expert makeup artist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, and she gave us some tricks that will help us show off a tanned face even if we don't expose it to the sun.

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"First of all, it is important that they know that the cosmetics and shades should not be the same in summer as those we have used in other seasons to make up the face," Antonia pointed out.

For this, the first thing we must do is:

Substitute thick and dense textured cosmetics for lighter and softer products as the skin looks much prettier naturally and at the same time needs to breathe to avoid the appearance of blemishes.

  • Even if we do not expose the face directly to the sun, it always changes the skin tone a bit, so you should definitely change the base color you used in winter.
  • I recommend using liquid foundation to blend perfectly with your natural skin tone.
  • If you are already very tanned, you can replace the fluid foundation with mineral powders. This trick is ideal for 'matifying' and reducing shine on oily skin.
  • EYE, when you are tanned you should not abuse the concealers and highlighters. You just need a little concealer in the dark circles area to lighten the shadows and blend it very well so that the contrast is not artificial. For the light effect on the face, apply a little highlighter to the center of the forehead, the upper part of the eyebrows, the nostrils, above the cheeks and the chin.
  • The best blush colors for tanned skin are peach, coral, terracotta, as well as bronzes to bring more light to the face in evening or party makeup. I recommend bright colors instead of mattes.
  • To make up the eyes I suggest using cream shades in natural tones that highlight the color of the skin. At night dare to use more intense colors. You can apply a light spot in the tear area to enlarge the eye and show a sweet and seductive look. Then apply a light layer of mascara to the lashes. Your eyes will look fabulous.
  • As for the lips, nude, copper and orange tones are ideal for tanned skin. These colors will help you highlight that tan color that we like to wear so much during the summer.

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