How To Strengthen Damaged And Brittle Nails

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How To Strengthen Damaged And Brittle Nails
How To Strengthen Damaged And Brittle Nails

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Having healthy nails is essential to complete the care of your hands. It is not only for beauty, but also for health

Unfortunately we expose our nails to many external elements that as a consequence make them brittle and with a sickly appearance. "Nowadays, most beauty products companies are only concerned with making us look good without worrying about the consequences on our health for the chemicals they include in their formulas," began explaining Joaquín Manuel, expert in hand and foot care.

This conclusion was precisely what made Joaquín Manuel propose to create a line of enamels that, in addition to making our hands look beautiful, help us keep our nails in good condition. “I worried every time I saw my clients' nails how they were mistreated by exposing themselves to so many chemicals that enamels and conventional products contain. Then my mother got cancer and I noticed how the smells of enamels affected her, and that's when I decided to create a healthy enamel line for the sake of my clients and my manicurist colleagues, "confesses the expert.

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Nail health problems that your manicurist should detect

This is how Joaquín Manuel Nail Polish Collection 7 Free was born. "This term means that they do not contain the seven most common toxic chemicals in regular enamels and that it has been proven that they can cause cancer among other health conditions", began explaining Joaquín Manuel.

“If you already have weak and brittle nails, it is important to take action and take care of them so that they recover their health and natural beauty. I recommend starting with:

Use a nail strengthening base

  • Protect hands daily with gloves during housework
  • Increase the consumption of some foods that promote the growth of strong and healthy nails
  • Establish good hygiene habits and small daily nail care, "says the specialist.

Now, what did the expert tell us about what can cause damage to the nails:

"Although brittle and brittle nails can be a consequence of different factors such as lack of hygiene and care, it can also be the cause of other habits that are harmful to the nail, such as:

Bite them

  • Use polish remover with acetone to remove nail paint
  • Keep nails in contact with chemicals
  • Lack of hydration
  • Use of false or gel nails
  • Lack of some vitamins in the diet,”says Joaquín Manuel.
  • Tips for caring for your nails:

    1.Preserve the age of the nails

    Like skin, nails also age and become drier and more sensitive to environmental damage. To keep them young, the key is to hydrate them and provide vitamins by using hand creams that also have them. Its flexibility and resistance depend on them.

    2. Avoid nail polish remover with acetone

    Do not torture them with nail polish remover containing acetone or formaldehyde. These harsh chemicals can damage and weaken your matrix.

    3. Feed the cuticle

    Feed it daily with nutrient-rich, hydrating oil.

    How to create your cuticle cream:

    2 tablespoons of olive oil

    2 tablespoons of natural clay

    6 drops of lavender essential oil

    Mix all ingredients and store.

    4. Learn how to file them

    Avoid the classic metal file that is too stiff and choose the flexible and padded ones. Remember to file them in one direction.

    5. Avoid fungi

    To prevent them, clean your stainless steel tools with soap and water, and then soak them for 10 minutes in a disinfectant solution.

    If you notice that your nails are taking a strange color, react! A treatment urges you. Visit your favorite dermatologist, it is important to treat it on time.

    6. Prevent infections

    To prevent nail infections it is important that you wash your hands often after going to the bathroom, being on the street or touching a pet.

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