6 Tips So That The Heat Does Not Ruin Your Makeup

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6 Tips So That The Heat Does Not Ruin Your Makeup
6 Tips So That The Heat Does Not Ruin Your Makeup
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In summer our skin tends to sweat more and produce excess fat, especially in the T zone. This causes that many times we end up without makeup in the middle of the day, with a shiny appearance and a heavy sensation that not all of us love. Therefore, we took on the task of speaking with Damaris Flores, professional makeup artist, who gave us some excellent tips to make our makeup survive the hottest days. Ready to take note?

First things first, do we do something wrong when applying makeup in the summer?

According to the expert, the most common mistakes we make when applying makeup on hot days are: wearing a heavily loaded look, using cream makeup that tends to fade and feel heavy, not using primer, not choosing a suitable sunscreen, abusing bronzer and illuminators, and finally use winter colors. Does any sound familiar to you?

Start by knowing your skin

In summer, our skin tans, sweats and produces more fat; therefore, it is very common that the brightness in the T zone increases and the makeup does not last as long. On the contrary, in winter the skin is drier, it loses that tan that has come to lighter shades and it is necessary to hydrate it all the time. As a result, it is important that you use products (both care and makeup) depending on the time of year and the needs of your face. Thus, you avoid noticeable imbalances in your skin, whether due to dryness, excess oil or makeup tones different from the color of your skin.

Everything is at the base

To prevent your makeup from fading in the heat and sweat in the middle of the day, the first thing you should use is a primer, as it helps you maintain the foundation of your makeup; then a matte base (not cream), as well as translucent powders and bronzers that counteract the shine on your face. Never overuse bronzers or illuminators, as they can give a visual effect to oily and sweaty skin. Finally, don't forget to use a fixative to give that extra grip to your makeup.

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Waterproof, sweat and heat proof

Waterproof products are your allies this season. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara should accompany you every day at all hours. For the lips, the expert recommends using indelible inks or lipsticks, with a little balm, to give them that additional moisture. You will see how your makeup lasts from the first hours of office to happy hour.


Prevented woman is worth two and nothing better than to be prepared in case of an emergency makeup. What to do? Always carry the basics of your makeup in mini size with you: waterproof mask and eyeliner, blush, bronzer and highlighter; eyelash curler, mattifying powder and two lipsticks, one neutral for the day and one in red for that last minute night appointment. Don't forget your kleenex or rice paper to remove excess shine from your face. A sample of your favorite perfume, toothbrush and body cream are a super plus.

The best technique?

Damaris adds that a good routine in the care of your face will always be the best technique to make your makeup look flawless. Wash your face, use a toner and exfoliate twice a week. In this season, it is recommended to use a gel moisturizer, which does not provide that greasy sensation of creams; Ahh And never forget sunscreen, look for those with a matte or powder finish, so you will keep at bay the brightness of your face.

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