How To Stay Beautiful During Pregnancy

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How To Stay Beautiful During Pregnancy
How To Stay Beautiful During Pregnancy
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Although this is one of the most beautiful stages that women can live, it is also one in which we feel less beautiful. We know that physical and emotional changes are obvious, however, all this has a solution and we must apply it

Take into account that the body has to make many adjustments to make the stay of that new baby as comfortable and healthy as possible. So let's start with the care of the parts of our body that manifest all the changes we are undergoing.

Take care of the skin

-Usually the first thing that worries us are stretch marks. The recommendations of Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, the Beauty Alchemist recommends that "as soon as you find out about your pregnancy, prepare your skin for the dryness and stretching of the belly, breasts and legs." In addition, the facial care specialist recommends that "you have to do it from the inside out, with a balanced diet, plenty of fluids, preferably water, and with a strict hydration routine."

Apply anti-stretch mark cream at least every six hours and supplement with almond oil at night. Do not scratch yourself

-Spots: EYE with the famous mask that can arise during pregnancy on the forehead, temples and cheekbones and tends to worsen with sun exposure. For this it is super important to make sunscreen your best ally. A dark line usually also appears on the abdomen or around the nipples, but in most cases the spots disappear after delivery. If this does not happen, you can undergo a treatment with lightening creams always under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Take care of the weight

"Diet is a very important part of our beauty routine. Not only to maintain a healthy weight for the baby but also for the future mother, since excess weight is more difficult to reduce after pregnancy. Consume sugars, flour or high preservative products in moderation. I recommend consuming fruits, vegetables and plenty of water,” said Leonella González, holistic health coach and co-owner of Juiced Up in Myrtle Beach, SC. Read more

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Take care of the hair

Let's keep hair well groomed and healthy.Well-groomed hair is key to feeling pretty. Although your hair may appear thicker and thicker during pregnancy, this is because the fall cycle stops during those weeks and reactivates after delivery. So it seems like you're losing a lot of hair, but it's normal. Now, Haime Camacho renowned stylist from Avant Garde Salon and Spa recommends visiting the beauty salon to comb your hair and keep your hair in style and well groomed. "During pregnancy the hair can dry out and look a little dull, so I recommend to my pregnant clients that they regularly apply intense treatments based on natural ingredients, which will restore the natural beauty of their hair." With a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you will protect the hair and guarantee its normal growth.Avoid abusing the use of dryers, tweezers and irons, as well as combs with fine teeth. Don't bundle up your wet hair or wear tight braids or bows.

Take care of your nails

"The nails become brittle and weak," said Joaquín Manuel, creator of the line of enamels 7 Free Joaquin Manuel. "For this important time in the life of all women \ I always warn that they should think about the well-being of their baby, so I recommend that you use chemical-free nail polishes." Joaquín Manuel enamels are an excellent option. “Visit your favorite salon regularly and get a manicure and pedicure. As for the feet, a good pedicure with massage will help them a lot to regain their health. Conditioning the cuticles of the hands and feet is also important to do”, added the specialist in the care of hands and feet.

do exercise

It is not during pregnancy that we should start exercising if it was not part of your routine before. "Moderate exercise and under medical supervision can solve most of the discomforts and ailments that occur in pregnancy," explained Leonella Gonzalez, creator of Health Living by Leonella. “If you already had a routine to exercise you can continue doing it but, moderately and with the consent of your gynecologist.

“Walking, swimming, cycling or practicing yoga or Pilates especially for pregnant women can provide several benefits: They prevent excessive weight gain, help to better resist labor and improve postpartum recovery. It prevents the onset of diabetes that develops during pregnancy, "added Gonzalez.

On the other hand, the health coach pointed out that “prenatal yoga is a technique that will allow you to acquire elasticity to the body, increase the chances of having a natural delivery and ensure a faster recovery. In addition, it relaxes the mind, controls breathing and circulation, minimizes anxiety, helps fight back pain, swelling of the legs, strengthens the spine and helps to fall asleep and rest."

In summary, I recommend taking advantage of this stage of your life to pamper yourself. Visit your favorite spa and beauty salon so as not to neglect your personal appearance. Also keep in mind that with the obligatory change of wardrobe, they can take advantage to change their hairstyle, innovate your makeup and look better and better.

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