Dare To Use Lipsticks In Unusual Colors

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Dare To Use Lipsticks In Unusual Colors
Dare To Use Lipsticks In Unusual Colors
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Trends within the makeup world are becoming more flexible. Nowadays fashion allows us to use everything we like, but EYE, not everything that is fashionable necessarily suits us

We spoke with Antonia Rutherford, renowned makeup artist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, and she explained how we can be fashionable while still looking good.

“Pastel colors are not for all kinds of people, they have to be in accordance with the style, personality and wardrobe of each one. For the most classic people, I propose to use these tones in a soft way, giving light brushstrokes on the eyelids or on the lips”, Antonia pointed out.

Once the lipstick color has been selected, the expert recommends that we follow the following steps:

Moisturize the skin of your lips with an appropriate cream for that area of ​​the face.

  • Line your lips with a pencil that is one shade darker than your chosen lipstick.
  • Apply a lip makeup base.
  • Finally carefully paint the lips within the outline you outlined

Now, how can we use unconventional lip colors?

The purple

“This color favors much more than you think. Brunettes make their faces happy, blondes get a touch of energy and redheads look beautiful.

It is perfect for an exotic, fabulous woman. Even in matte, the purple color is a quite dramatic hue, very appropriate for the night, especially if it is a dance, cinema or dinner outing. If you want to make a difference, this color is perfect”, explained Antonia.

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The blue

Blue lips, or in other unusual shades, may shock a bit at first, but it's all about daring. On many occasions these lipsticks are reserved for a photo on social networks or for a red carpet, but the truth is that they can be worn with different looks. Blue lips are without a doubt a makeup made to impress.

“There are several shades of blue lipsticks on the market, however, it is important to know that according to Rutherford,“so that blue lips do not look vulgar and very artificial, the key is to combine lipstick with nude and discreet makeup. The lips must be perfectly made up so you will need to outline them with a lipstick in the same blue shade as the stick”.

He recommends that for a start, opt for a matte textured navy blue lipstick. First of all, you should outline the lips with the same shade of blue and then, with a lip brush, apply the lipstick, this way you will distribute the color much more and you will be able to work properly with the lipstick. The rest of the makeup should be discreet.

The yellow

Who doesn't remember Jennifer Lopez's Live it up video where the artist shows off her yellow lips and looks stunning. "Yellow makes the lips look much more plump and plump, so if you have very thin lips it is a good option to give the impression of a much bigger mouth.

This can become the star color of makeup in the next autumn-winter season. And although we will see it more in the eyes, as a shadow or eyeliner, they also jump to the lips in matte. It is daring and different”added the expert.

The green

It is a dark, interesting and sophisticated shade for the most daring and who want to change a bit and leave the usual lip colors. Singer Rihanna was one of the avant-gardes to use this trend, wearing a dark green color that made her look very elegant and a bit gothic.

Green shades, in addition to being a color that will make you look different, also adapt easily to any complexion color. For darker leathers it gives a sober and elegant look, while for lighter ones it looks gothic, avant-garde and modern.


Are you daring and fashionista? Well this fuchsia lip color is for you. It is an intense, electric pink, but it softens with the matte texture and gives an interesting look to your mouth. If you are bold, who loves challenges and who is not afraid to wear bold and vibrant colors, this is your ideal color.

Pale pink

An ethereal, angelic and extremely tender look is what you are going to achieve with pale pink. This color, in a matte lipstick, gives you all the sweetness you need to conquer absolutely everyone around you. To enhance the effect, you can complete your makeup with other products with a matte effect, such as blush and eyeshadow.

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