These Are The Signs That Scream You Need A Haircut NOW

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These Are The Signs That Scream You Need A Haircut NOW
These Are The Signs That Scream You Need A Haircut NOW
Video: These Are The Signs That Scream You Need A Haircut NOW
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Although we all want to have healthy and beautiful hair, perhaps in our eagerness to let it grow we ignore those signs that shout at us that we need a cut right away! This can cause that far from having that hair that we so much desire, we have rather a very rebellious hair and difficult to accommodate.

Do you know what the signs are that indicate you need to cut your hair? Here we mention them:

Split ends

Surely you have heard out there that to maintain healthy hair you must cut the ends every 2 or 3 months. And it's true! Experts in hairdressing, and brands for hair care, agree that the ideal is to cut the ends to maintain the healthy appearance of your hair. However, this depends on how damaged you have it.

If you are very consistent and super faithful to hair treatments, you will need fewer cuts than someone who does not. Therefore, it is important to monitor the state of the tips of your hair. If they are open or parched, don't hesitate to go to your hairdresser right away. Remember that cutting the tips does not stimulate growth, but it does eliminate the damaged part that makes it look lifeless and mistreated.

Brittle hair

Has it happened to you that you notice small pieces of hair at the height of your shoulders? Or maybe when you comb it you see that very small hairs remain on your brush? This is because a lack of protein is making you brittle, and while it's not the same as losing your hair, it is a sign that you need a little love.

If this happens to you, it is better to talk to your stylist so he can recommend a good treatment. Remember that in addition to protein, you should look for nutrients such as collagen and elastin to nourish your hair from the inside out.

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If suddenly you find hidden knots between the strands of your hair it is for two reasons: either you did not comb it well, or you need to go to the stylist now! It does not matter if you have straight or curly hair, when your hair is dry it is very easy to make knots of damaged hair, and more on the part of the neck.

In addition to the cut, a trick that can help you avoid tangles in your hair is to use conditioner or serums, and carry a small brush with you in case you find knots during the day.


If you feel extremely dry, stiff or very frizzy, in addition to needing to go to your hairdresser, you will need a treatment (mask) that will restore that lost hydration. Hair masks are recommended once a week and you must choose between the ingredient that benefits you the most; It can be argan oil, shea butter or cocoa butter. In addition, you must apply serum that helps your hair have that shiny and manageable look that we all want.

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