Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eyelash Extensions Vs False Ones

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eyelash Extensions Vs False Ones
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eyelash Extensions Vs False Ones
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There is no doubt that eyelashes are the best accessory that our eyes have. Our appearance changes even if we are not made up if we have the eyelashes painted

We talked about this with Antonia Rutherford from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, who specializes in eyelash extensions, and as a professional makeup artist can help us understand which ones we should use: conventional eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

“Both techniques require care and maintenance. Worse at the same time with both options we can harm our eyelashes, so we must consider the quality and condition of our extensions, "said the expert.

"EYE, if you do not take care of your eyelashes until the daily application of mascara can ruin them, the difference is in how you take care of the natural ones," added Antonia.

Definitely using false eyelashes, whether they are extensions or conventional ones, help us simplify the task of applying makeup to the maximum. Whether you decide to use the conventional ones for special occasions, as well as the extensions to look groomed 24 hours a day, I recommend consulting your favorite makeup artist to guide you on what is best for you according to your lifestyle.

Conventional false eyelashes

When you see celebrities parading the red carpets, you can see that they all have spectacular makeup, and if you look closely you will notice that the eyelashes help their eyes look radiant. "The secret to the celebrity look is precisely in the perfect placement of false eyelashes in keeping with the shape of their eyes that perfectly complement the outfit," said Rutherford.

In this case, we are talking about a technique intended to have them for a short time, not more than a day. These types of eyelashes are in the form of a strip or small groups with a silicone band or ball where a special glue is applied that does not harm the skin.

"If you want to get good results with this technique, I recommend applying makeup to your eyes before applying them," said the expert.

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If you know how to apply them, remove them and use a duly certified professional material you will not cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

  • You can take them off without fear and gently wipe off the residue for reapplication.
  • Disadvantages

    They are not for prolonged use

    • If they are not applied correctly, you run the risk that they may come off the eyelid the same day of the placement.

    "Personally I apply to my clients natural hair eyelashes, since they will have less shine and weight than plastic ones, providing a less artificial aspect."

    Eyelash extensions

    Eyelash extensions are perfect to enlarge and intensify the look in a natural way, for which an extension made of silk fiber, mink or polyester using ethyl cyanoacrylate adheres. This material does not pose any risk to the health of the eyes, providing a finish with natural-looking, long and curved eyelashes.


    The extensions do not harm or prevent the growth of the eyelashes.

    • It is a totally painless and semi-permanent procedure.

    "I always recommend extensions that are placed one by one to obtain a less artificial result than those that are applied in a single strip, and the duration of the treatment will be approximately one and a half hours," said the makeup artist.


    The use of makeup is allowed as long as they are water-based cosmetics and are not waterproof masks or oily products.

    • The life cycle of our eyelashes is approximately 6/8 weeks, so touch-ups will be necessary after 2/3 weeks filling those unpopulated areas.

    "I always recommend that before undergoing these techniques you should consult an expert to guide you and evaluate your eyelashes and what effect they expect to have a custom shape applied to them, that is: the curvature, length and thickness that best suits you to your case”, explained Antonia.

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