Everything That Silk Can Do For Your Beauty While You Sleep

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Everything That Silk Can Do For Your Beauty While You Sleep
Everything That Silk Can Do For Your Beauty While You Sleep
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Have you ever thought that the cause of the frizz in your hair or the irritation of the skin of your face is the cover of your pillow? Yes, we spend around eight hours a day, throughout our lives, sleeping. Although your cotton pillowcase may seem soft to you, it may be time to use a silk pillowcase.

Due to its characteristics , silk can enter your list of beauty treatments. This material will keep the natural hydration of your hair and skin as it has very low absorption levels. We tell you what are the advantages for the skin and for your hair sleeping on a silk cover and using accessories of this material.

What are the benefits of using a silk cover and using silk materials?

Does not absorb the serum and moisturizer that we use at night

One of the drawbacks of cotton is its absorption capacity, so think that if you apply your night cream or serum, part of the product is absorbed by your pillow. A pillowcase made of silk does not absorb the product and allows the skin to benefit from all its properties. Now, if you are one of those who is bothered by a ray of light to sleep and wear a mask, consider also using a silk one, the contour of your eyes will thank you.

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Silk is perfect for sensitive skin

Silk is one of the softest materials, in addition to being natural and hypoallergenic, it has a calming effect. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive or if you have acne or eczema, silk will prevent the problem from worsening.

Silk helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles

Consider that you sleep around 8 hours a day, in which the rubbing of your skin for so long with a bad material can harm your face. A silk pillowcase helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Believe it or not, that's right, this delicate material is not aggressive with our skin and prevents expression lines and marks that form on our faces while we sleep.

Helps maintain healthier hair

Choosing the right pillowcase material can make a difference in the health of your hair. Many pillowcase materials weaken our hair by constant friction. For its part, silk does not damage the hair cuticle and prevents frizz problems and split ends are accentuated. Silk allows the natural moisture in your hair to stay and look much healthier, brighter and stronger.

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