How To Avoid Or Eliminate Annoying Corns On The Feet

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How To Avoid Or Eliminate Annoying Corns On The Feet
How To Avoid Or Eliminate Annoying Corns On The Feet

Video: How To Avoid Or Eliminate Annoying Corns On The Feet

Video: How To Avoid Or Eliminate Annoying Corns On The Feet
Video: Corn removal with callus: Three corns on one foot! 2023, June

Unfortunately, in addition to causing pain and much discomfort, corns do not allow our feet to look the way we want, well groomed and beautiful. To find out how to avoid them, try to eliminate or reduce them, we spoke with Joaquin Manuel, creator of the line of nail polishes 7 Free Joaquín Manuel Nail Polish Collection and who is an expert in hand and foot care.

"Calluses can appear both on the toes and on the sole of the foot over the entire area known as the ball of the foot, this is due to rubbing or putting too much pressure on the area, as the skin reacts and becomes protects by forming blisters or ulcers that can become infectious, "began the expert.

“At first, they may cause a lot of discomfort, but over time, they can cause pain and make it harder for you to walk and do more daily activities. I have had clients that calluses bother them even when they wear sports shoes,”she added.

How to prevent and remove corns

It is very important that you visit a hand and foot care specialist and make sure that you have all the necessary certifications as corns should be treated very carefully. "Corns may appear hard and strong, but they should not be sliced or plucked for a better aesthetic. If we do it, we may cause an injury, and even an infection, in addition to the possibility of damaging our skin,”said Joaquín Manuel.

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My recommendation is prevention:

Do not wear closed shoes that squeeze them

  • Avoid shoes that cause too much rubbing in a certain area
  • Visit your hand and foot care specialist regularly and get a good pedicure
  • Keep feet hydrated

On the other hand, the specialist mentioned to us that the most advisable thing is to look for an alternative that will help you to eliminate the calluses permanently, but for this we must arm ourselves with patience since removing calluses takes a long time.

Home remedies to remove corns

Use pumice stone

Soak your feet in hot water for about 20 minutes. Then using a pumice stone gently scrape the hardness from side to side. Do this until you consider it necessary, or you notice that the skin of the area where the callus is is pinker. EYE be careful not to touch the part of healthy skin because you could hurt yourself.

Lemon, garlic and dried chamomile mix

Mix a teaspoon of dried chamomile with a crushed garlic clove and lemon juice, and apply directly to the corns. Let it act for about 20 minutes and remove it with warm water. With this you will be eliminating the dead cells that have accumulated in the callus and also you will soften the hardness which will help you to eliminate the callus.

Use baking soda

We could say that baking soda is one of the most effective products to remove calluses.

Dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda in warm water and keep your feet soaking for about 30 minutes. Then you can scrape the area with a pumice stone and soon you are removing it.

Mix onion, lemon and salt

This mixture will help you eliminate bacteria and dead cells that accumulate calluses because lemon and onion are good at helping to cleanse and soften the skin, and salt is a natural exfoliant.

How do you apply it? Cut an onion slice and add a few drops of lemon juice and salt. Put it over the callus and cover it with some kind of bandage that will keep it attached all night. Repeat the same procedure every night until the calluses disappear.

Tomato to remove calluses

Extract the pulp of the tomato and apply it directly to the skin with callus. Cover it with a bandage and let it work overnight. Repeat the same treatment every night before bed to get results.

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