Learn How To Maintain A Youthful And Wrinkle-free Face

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Learn How To Maintain A Youthful And Wrinkle-free Face
Learn How To Maintain A Youthful And Wrinkle-free Face

Video: Learn How To Maintain A Youthful And Wrinkle-free Face

Video: Learn How To Maintain A Youthful And Wrinkle-free Face
Video: Best Anti-ageing Tips To Maintain A Youthful Skin - #Zindagi_With _icha 2023, April

Today we are bombarded with commercials for products, treatments, surgeries, etc., to avoid wrinkles, however, I consider that it is better to prevent them

Perhaps you think that once you have them there is no remedy and they will never leave, although this is not always the case if you follow the recommendations given by the renowned doctor Maribel Pedrozo, "The alchemist of beauty."

"First of all we must be aware of the factors that can make us more vulnerable to our skin losing the properties that help it prolong its youth and health," Pedrozo explained.

The factors that accelerate skin aging are:

Hormonal changes (for example, menopause)

  • Diet poor in antioxidants and essential fatty acids
  • Smoke
  • Excessive sun exposure and at times not recommended

“In order for the passage of time to not affect our skin, it is necessary to carry out certain healthy habits. Hydration, exfoliation and good nutrition are some of them, "he added.

We can not ignore that as time passes the signs of aging are more visible. By nature, the skin becomes thinner, more fragile and the protective layer of subcutaneous fat is very thin.

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If we add to all this the typical nutritional deficiencies that we sometimes fall into and some diseases, it is inevitable that the result is an unhealthy dermis.

It is for all these reasons that Dr. Pedrozo recommended the following that, although it seems simple, we often sin by not doing it.

Eat well

Eating properly is essential. With the correct nutrients we will be protecting the skin from the inside out. The diet must be healthy and balanced and include all the nutrients.

Among the most basic recommendations we can mention: consume fruits and vegetables, blue fish and legumes. Also add sprouts, nuts and foods with a lot of zinc such as cucumbers.

As for vitamins make sure to include the following:

Vitamin A - Lack of this vitamin produces dry skin.

  • Vitamin B- Vitamin B deficiency causes redness and fat in the nose.
  • Vitamin C - Not consuming enough vitamin C causes less collagen production (necessary for skin to stay elastic).
  • Drink enough water

    We know that consuming at least two liters of water a day is not only vital to being healthy. It also helps us to have a fresher and fresher skin.

    The reason is that by staying hydrated you will be moisturizing the cells and providing more elasticity and flexibility. You can drink natural juices and herbal teas so you don't get bored of so much water.

    No smoking

    We know that tobacco smoke damages overall health and the appearance of the skin. People who smoke have dull, gray, and more wrinkled complexions. Cigarette destroys the epidermis and prevents the skin from revitalizing and oxygenating.

    Do not consume alcohol

    Alcoholic beverages reduce oxygen levels in the blood and affect collagen production. This causes the skin to lose firmness and elasticity.

    Decrease consumption of coffee and carbonated soft drinks

    Caffeine increases urine output and dehydrates the skin. In addition, they give us a feeling of euphoria and energy that can prevent us from resting properly. Both reasons translate into negative effects on our skin.

    Sleep well

    In relation to the previous advice we can tell you that sleep is restorative of cells, organs and muscles.

    Sleeping well not only prevents us from getting up with big dark circles in the morning, but also helps the skin recover from the damage of each day. Sleeping seven to eight hours straight every night is important to stay young.

    Try to be happy

    Definitely mood has a lot to do with looks. Stress, nerves and depression negatively influence the immune system and this has a direct impact on the skin. Try to handle situations that can cause stress and try to be happy.

    Protect yourself from the sun

    "Make sunscreen your best ally," said the facial care specialist. “It is very important that you use a high protection factor even when it is winter or cloudy. Avoid sun rays between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

    "Wear sunglasses to also protect your eyes when you go to the beach, the pool or the snow."

    Includes exercise routine

    Regular practice of physical activity is very good for skin health.

    "If you include an exercise routine between two and three times a week, not only will you be able to lose weight or feel in a better mood, but you will also release toxins and reduce the dull or aged appearance of the face," said Pedrozo.

    Never forget your cleaning routine

    It doesn't matter if you arrive exhausted, NEVER stop removing your makeup and cleaning your skin in depth at night before going to bed. Apply your products according to your skin type so that you maintain well-hydrated skin. Integrates the type of exfoliation. There are treatments and creams that help you with this. In particular I recommend the Brighening Cream Cleanser cleanser from the KPS skin care line, which should be applied every two or three days, leave it for one to two minutes, rinse and pat dry.

    It also seeks to nourish the skin on a daily basis to protect it from external agents, such as environmental contamination. “Use moisturizing creams in the morning and at night. From this same line the Renu Face Cream that serves for day and night since it does not have aggressive chemicals.

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